Sunday, March 25, 2007

Recent photos of the clan

Here are some pics taken just today. I was thinking that Rick and I hardly have any pics taken together and so that is what inspired this blog. I am so proud to be the wife of Rick Miller and want to be seen with him as much as possible! I'm so love struck! That's a good thing though right? And I got rid of the lice for now on myself anyways so he wants to be close to me but not too can see he's still wearing a beanie to seperate our heads...ha ha ha

I hope Dad and Betty Jean really enjoy looking at these. It's hard when you can't be near someone when they really need you, so hopefully this will help them.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mohawk moments

Well, whadya think of my new do? I am about to do something that I'm sure has never been done before on any of your blogs!! I decided that I should share my complete joy in the fact that...I HAVE LICE!!!!! Oh my gosh! Well, we came home from fiji to a little girl with I tried for a week to get rid of it and ended up using a formula from the pharmacy and thought I had licked it. Well, I was supposed to do a second dose just to be sure but never got around to it. BIG...mistake...yah...So then this week MY head starts itching and last night I'm just goin crazy in bed scratchin away and I'm thinkin' "oh crap! could I have the lice?" Well, I have been letting Mesa use my brush thinking that it was all over and done with...bad thinking. So now tonight after checking Mesa's and finding several in her hair, I get Candace to check mine and sure enough...there's crawlies...So I am doing like they say in the yourself before you help anyone else! I used up the last of the solution and tomorrow I will have to break the sabbath to go buy some more as I am not sending my children to school with head lice. Well, what can I say...the Lice is in the mire?

I actually look pretty happy in these pics for someone who has lice...I told everyone in the house, "don't you say anything to anyone about me having lice...or anyone else for that matter!" Then rick had this fabulous idea to put it on the blog and I thought, "hmmm! Maybe they would get a kick outa that?! ok..."

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The cat came back...

The cat came back(pause) the very next day. The cat came back...they thought he was a gonner but the cat came back, (pause) he just couldn't stay away! Does anyone remember that crazy song that Fred Penner used to sing on his silly little kids show? Well, remember my crazy story about the possum who just couldn't resist the smell of my pineapple muffins? Well, I baked some delicious cookies the other day and once again, the smell beckoned to him and he paid us another visit. Although this time, Rick was home and I was dead to the world and so my brave knight battled the possum this time. The next morning however I could tell he had been there because my fruit bowl was half devoured and there was half a banana peel on the counter which once contained a banana but now was only a half of a peel. Then last night as we sat outside with the Elders and our neighbors eating a carrot cake, we saw a possum crawling along the power lines. Well, at least I know my baking is appealing! Ha ha ha ha ha...

Well, on another note, everyone knows probably that Rick and I were in Fiji about a month ago and our friends Dennis and Kelly Heinzlemeir met us there and spent a week in Fiji harvesting our pearls with us and then they came over to Oz and spent a week with us here as well. We had an absolutely beautiful time and Kelly took heaps and heaps of pics which I will share some of with you. I know anyone who has ever been to the farm will totally appreciate seeing the pics and hopefully for the rest of you, it will inspire you to want to make a visit sometime in the not-so-distant future! Just let us know when you'd like to go and we can help make some of the necessary arrangements.

These are pics of firstly, the dogs Lamoni and Grommit. Then there's Dennis and I checkin out the view...The a beautiful pic of our private beach and then there's me with Baby Angie. She's so cute eh!

This is a pic of me n' Kelly and the 2 at the top are Margaret who is standing behind the oh so yummy tray of doughnuts she made for us that day! They were absolutely mouth watering delish. And then there's us with David (Margaret's husband) who happens to be a very good pig hunter and catches fish for us and that day he had taken us to Taveuni which was such a cool cool place.

Finally, here's a few of all of us working really really hard...hee hee

Thursday, March 15, 2007


cool! I tried for the 15th time and it actually worked this time so stay tuned for some more! This is a picture of me and Rick at Noosa Heads which is about 1/2 hour from where we live...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Technology...friend or foe?

Well, I have not been able to put any pictures on my blog because blogger keeps saying they are unable to process my request to upload the photos!? Does anyone have any advice for this? I don't have a clue how to get ahold of any blogger people either as it just doesn't seem possible with all the different links they have. I have heaps of cool pics too! Technology is so frustrating at times I tell ya!

The Beginning...

This blog of the Rick n'Chely Miller clan is definetly a long time coming thanks to all the Steve n' Lynne Miller clan! You have all been a big inspiration. I wanted to wait until Rick got back into town to start it though so we could start taking some pics together and all. Also, our old camera took a trip to the beach one day and didn't make it back alive and we have been without one for quite some time. Well, now we have a new one and all we need to do is get a memory card for it and we'll really be on a roll. Well, I thought there might be a few people who would enjoy looking at our day to day lives on a semi-regular basis (hopefully there is someone out there?) and so I will try my best to make it a good experience for all who check in!