Sunday, June 14, 2009

Long time...

I love being in the warm bath. It reminds me of when I was in mommy's tummy :)
Could I be any more relaxed?

Chillin after a good feed

Same feed, same chill. Mommy thinks I am so stinkin cute!

Me and Daddy are the same! We both love our toques!

A bit blurry but oh well. Cute as still.

I know its been ages since I posted last. I really wanted to keep up on this once Savannah got home but have been an idiot. I have gone through some strange times since I had this baby. I haven't wanted to talk to people on the phone, just wanted to keep in my own little circle here and enjoy my time with Savannah being a fresh lil bun out of the oven. She's actually still supposed to be inside of me! 8 more days till my due date. Wow. She turned 1 month old yesterday and sometimes I feel like I've had her forever and then others I feel like I can't believe she's a whole month old! She has definetly been such a pleasure and a joy to my soul. I am living the dream of what every mother thinks their first baby is going to be like except then its not. It is amazing. She is such a darn good baby I honestly enjoy every single moment with her. I am so calm and confident, never frustrated with her, never wish away any of her little moments or hoping that she "grows out of them" or grows up. In fact I wish she would stay this way forever sometimes. I don't even mind getting up in the night with her! I know, I'm probably making some wonder what kind of drug I'm on or perhaps others are rolling their eyes thinking whatever! But its true! I'm for sure living some kind of dream. I hope I never wake up.

Besides being a brand new mommy again, I'm also enjoying keeping many world wars at bay between the other children, listening to them come up with reasons why I should let them come to dinner with the adults for Aunt Lydia's birthday, watching them hula-hoop (see video) and doing alot of baking and cleaning and observing Rick doing construction on our house. (My bedroom is almost done!) The floor is beautiful! and the walls are super cool and just everything is looking so good and I am so impressed with his quality of work. I'll post pics when it is complete I promise.

Yesterday was Lydie's b-day. The big 3-0. Rick slave drove her all day so she didn't get to do anything real fun. Sorry Lyd, but we did go out to dinner to an Italian restaurant and of course had presents and cake minus the ice cream. Triple layer chocolate cake. Yummmmmo! I'm so happy to have her here with us. She is such a great help and just plain ol good to have around.

The followin video is of Candace ad Blaze doing the hula hoop. Which brings me to ask, Does anyone know why it is called a hula hoop? Well, apparently its because you do the hula with a hoop around your waist and hence the term. How come I never knew this?? I must be completely out of it for the first 33 years of my life to not put that together!

I'm thinking of coming over to Canada sooner rather than later. I just saw today that you can fly to North America for under $1k taxes incl. I just need to figure out how to get the cashola first! Maybe I should do a massive bake sale. Hahaha.