Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Summer?...or Winter?

Well, Summer has been here for about 3 weeks now. We've been having some good times since she arrived. Not over the moon fun but its been good to have her here. She wanted to dye her hair black (cookooo!) but in order to do so since it was blonde, she has to do it in 2 stages. First was the dark brown with a hint of red and then the black will follow in a week. I for one loved her blonde hair so was not super excited about wrecking it but even I have to admit that the brown actually looks pretty good. Hard to get a girl this gorgeous to look bad anyways! I'm always telling her shes so pretty but she doesn't believe me. Someday maybe...

Anyways, here are some before and afters. What do you think? I know the one pic is not very flattering but it really is a truer picture as to the colour. The other 2 after photos were taken in the sun so the hair looks lighter and more red.

I just realized that I didn't really tie in the winter part of the title. Well, what I was thinking was that Summer is more bright and blonde and Winter seems like more of a dark hair my opinion.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Interesting and strange...but true!

Well, I don't know how I ended up on this girls blog...actually I DO know but my first instinct is to tell you I don't b/c I don't feel like typing it all out! Sometimes I am a very lazy typer. I love to talk and talk and talk but I don't always love to type. Don't get me wrong though, I do love typing and am quite good at it too but am not always in the mood. Actually I'm probably only in the mood about 50% of the time I actually need to type. Ok, I'm getting off topic here so there I was looking online for a recipe for one of our all time fave Mexi foods...California Burritos...especially if they come from Los Prrrrimos! Right DAN?! Anyways, my search led me to this chick's website who is from LA and she talked about her California Burrito experience at Roberto's on Garnet in PB...does anybody know where that is? Well, we do. We've eaten there! Anyhow, apparently California Burritos is a San Diegan invention and not a traditional Mexican dish. ANYWAYS...from there I found a link to this chicks friend Maria and for some reason was inspired to check out HER blog. Totally weird I know! I don't know what came over me. But anyways, her blog doesn't even have anything that exciting on it and she hasn't even written on it since August of last year! Lllllooser! But she did have something kind of cool and that was some sort of "find out what kind of sleeper you are test" So I took the test by clicking on this link and answered about 10 short and somewhat weird questions but in the end it revealed my sleeping pose which I think is exactly right! Oh my GOSH! Kind of weird but whatever...I'm desperate for something to blog. I was reading Jeni's blog today and she says she has a boring life. Yah...whatever Jeni...not so compared to mine! I mean, that's why I don't blog hardly at all! I got nothin to say or see that would be interesting. Unless you were to see a picture of me suntanning on my upper deck. But...well, that won't be happening will it Kelly? Wow, this is probably the most interesting post I've had in a while eh kel? ha ha...Well, if you would like to know what your sleep position is you can click on this link

Monday, April 14, 2008

Crazy Creatures

We had a ward camp on easter weekend and it was pretty good. Saw a couple of weird critters. The first one was called something that I can't remember and it was so weird to see something like it in real life. I mean, coming from southern alberta, you don't see much weirder than a 3 legged dog or the like! I'm always really amazed when I see new and interesting creatures that I know the Lord specifically created. The kids just told me it was called a Guana.The second thing I saw which was cool was this snake. I never saw much more than maybe a garder snake when I was growing up. Then in Cali saw a few rattlesnakes which I thought were totally cool but scary at the same time. I think every time I see a snake I think DANGER! even though most of them really aren't dangerous to humans at all. I was listening to Ellen the other day at the gym and she was talking about how Bob Irwin (Steve's little boy) got bit by a snake and Terri was just brushing it off saying no biggy and that Bindi got bit when she was only 18mos! Ha ha ha...she tied some sort of joke in to it and it was pretty funny. Most kids grow up playing with kittens and the like and then there are the Irwin's...playing with SNAKES and ALLIGATORS! ha ha too funny. I love Ellen! I think she's hilarious and I could care less that she is a gaybo...she's funny as. Click here to see a funny clip!

When we got back from camping we came home to this...
Disgusting!! Some poor little gecko had met up with fate and the ants were having a feast! He was like half eaten! Disgusto!