Wednesday, June 25, 2008

She just got dunked

Well, my last daughter was just baptized today! Oh my gosh I didn't think that I'd be quite this happy about it because I wasn't even going to beable to see it happen but wow! I'm soooo happy for her and for everyone who got to take part in this special day of hers! It makes me want to cry. I'm really happy for her Dad that he got to baptize his little "Birdy". Congratulations Mesa! I can't wait to see the girls as they'll be home in 6 days. Yay! Here's some pics of the special day.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Itchity Grubs & Donuts Take 1

Well, this is how my day went today.

Woke up
Put on a sweater and stretchy pants
got blaze off to school
talked on the phone to my girlfriend
talked to my mom
did some emails
read my book
wrapped up some tea lights in cellophane for a Homemaking Mtg on Thurs
read my book
sat with my vis teachrs
read my book
talked to Kelly
made supper

No make up, no hair styling, no hardly anything. I didn't even leave the house till 5o'clock and that was just to take something over to my Ozzy grammas house. I loved my day today!!! It was so great!

So we have this neighbour who has 2 little boys who come over every now and again. The oldest who is Mesa's age is so freakin funny he cracks me up every single time I see him. I feel bad for these kids as their mom died 2 years ago right after the birth of their littlest brother. (There's 4 kids in total) Well, the reason why he cracks me up is because he knows so much! He'll come up to me and say, "Did you know that they discontinued the making of the F649?" or we'll have a conversation like this one yesterday

ME: Hey I went on a train ride once for many hours and got to ride up front with the engineer! It was really cool!
FRASER: Was is a diesel locomotive, a steam engine or a diesel steam locomotive?
ME: Ummm, I really have no idea.
FRASER: Well, what were the tracks like? Were they narrow, or really wide, or standard size?
ME: Ummmm, I think they were just regular size.
FRASER: Oh, well yeah it was a steam locomotive then I think. When did you ride the train?
ME: Oh, let me think...I'm pretty sure it was before Blaze was born which would have been about 11 years ago.
FRASER: Oh, well for sure it was steam because they hadn't even invented the diesel steam back then. They only came out with it about 7 years ago. Do you know what colour it was?
ME: Ummmm, no. I don't remember, I just remember it was really fun and cool.

Then today he comes in and says to me...

FRASER: Oh, no! Did you know you have hundreds of itchity grubs?
ME: No, what are itchity grubs?
FRASER: You should come check them out. They are this kind of caterpillar that's very poisonous if you touch them. They emit a poison from their antennas that makes you really itchy if you touch them.

He is seriously so enjoyable to be around. He is always telling me how I can make something better and giving Rick and I "ideas" to have something be better. One day he told Rick he'd better be careful when he was up on the roof or something.

Last week I made my very first batch of doughnuts. I actually made them as a teenager but didn't do it all on my own. They turned out alright but being the perfectionist that I am, I wasn't super happy with them. I will try a different recipe next time. But here's a pic. The YW liked them anyways! Teenage girls though? What do you expect?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My new favorite Choc Chip Cookies...This is for you Jeni

I told Jeni I would blog this recipe straight away. That was what, 4 days ago? Sorry, hope its not too late to add this recipe to your choc chip bake off. But I wanted to take a pic of these beautiful cookies to put on the blog cuz its so much nicer to see a pic of what you want to make. Don't you all agree? I took the batch to work yesterday and they were loved by all.

1 c. butter
2 c. white sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
3 1/4 c. flour
1 tsp B.Soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 c. choc chips

Ok, so of course just mix in regular cookie fashion. Hint: Cream butter and sugar together forEVER. Like 5 min. Then beat alot after the egg and vanilla addition too. And if you really wanna know, a great addition to this recipe to make them not just regular choc chip cookies is to add 4 oz of chopped maccas and then after the cookies are baked, dip in melted chocolate and place back on baking paper on cookie sheet and cool in fridge. Then remove and eat or store.

Another hint: Always remember that you can add more or less flour depending on the altitude, the weather...there is never a hard fast rule as to how much flour you add. I always do a test cookie and if there's too much or too little flour then I just change it up before I bake the whole lot. That way you're more guaranteed to end up with the perfect batch of cookies!