Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Mysterious Juice Drinker

Ok, for the most part I have a problem with people drinking straight out of the jug. Or eating yogurt straight out of the carton...that kind of thing you know? So I keep telling Rick over and over again, "please use a glass!" Well not only does he keep ignoring my request, but he keeps drinking ALL the juice! I go open a jug of juice and have a glass and the next day it's like half gone and I'm torked, so I say, "If you would use a glass you wouldn't drink so much either you know!" Well, not that I really care...I mean, he is the one who earns the money to buy the stuff in the first place...but nevertheless...So I go into the fridge one morning and get this carton out and there's 7 drops of juice left...ok, #1 - don't put empty juice containers back in the fridge and #2 the juice is all gone!!! and then I see this...

So I get this big smile on my face. I mean, seriously he just makes life so funny even when he's totally screwing up in my books, he makes me not even mad or annoyed by doing stuff like this. Then I turn the carton around and see this...Well, apparently he thinks I'm a papaya and he loves papaya, hence the reason for the dissapearance of the juice! Oh man, what can I say? Well, I wrote on the next one...

I LOVE RICKY and drew a picture of a glass and labeled it Ricky and ever since?...well, we're both happy cause he's got his own little tupperware container that he wrote on with permanent felt marker..."Rick's glass" and it stays upside down right on top of the container so its handy everytime he goes to get a drink! Aaaah...I love being Mrs Rick Miller. It's so much fun!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!

Ever since moving to Oz I have had terrible allergies. I am allergic to the major types of grass in the area as well as dust, mold and heaps of other stuff. (I've been tested) Every single morning I awake to the sneezes and I even keep a box of kleenex by my pillow I use them so much! It's a good thing we have a king bed or Rick might have to sleep on the floor to make room for my stuff. Usually inclusive of a phone (people seem to love to call us in the middle of the night?), kleenex, a book, an asthma inhaler and at the moment cough drops. Rick says to me "Have you got everything you need?" ha ha ha too funny. So anyways, the allergies are BAD.

Then one night after falling asleep on the couch, I got up and trekked into bed and didn't feel allerged at all, but within a minute no joke of being in my bed I started feeling that twingy sneezy nose feeling. Hmmm? I was starting to wonder. That next early morning Rick tells me he ended up face down in the mattress somehow and he was feeling all stuffy and dry in his nose and that the mattress smelled really dusty. That's it! Well, I endured another 5 days and yesterday a company came out and sanitized all of our mattresses for like $165! This is what was sleeping with us...
Bed bugs all right. People, do you know that you're not sleeping alone? Disgusting. I'm getting ours done every 6 months for sure. Candace has recently started complaining of asthmatic symptoms and I was shocked to read on this website that some 90% of asthma in children is caused by dust and dust mites? Sick. I can't believe we have been breathing this crap in on a daily basis. Anyways, here's a link to a video you can watch that is sure to gross you out!


This is what a dust mite looks like and they are only 1/2 mm in size

Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Project

Well, I love to sew. I learned how about 20 years ago and have enjoyed it over the years but it has been sooooo long since I have purchased a pattern and made an article of clothing that I am ashamed to say that I couldn't remember if I was supposed to have the fabric right or wrong sides together to cut it out! But lets start at the beginning...

Blaze has been wearing this particular pair of shorts for I think almost 2 years now that were hand-me-downs from Kelly whose boy Lewis used to wear. Well, they are black "skatey" shorts and according to Blaze are very cool. So since he is required to wear black bottoms to school and despite the fact that I bought him another pair of black shorts that actually still look black, he will NOT wear them without a huge drama and a battle between us. This is what the old shorts look like...

Well, I have been looking off and on for a new cool pair ever since the first knee got a hole in it and have been unsucessful, and now that both knees are holey and could possibly be worn to church they are so holey, (sorry for that lame one) I really got down to business. Looking looking looking with no luck I decided maybe my best option was to make him a pair. So I went to this place called Spotlight and can I tell you it was like Bed Bath and Beyond aussie style! I was very impressed and walked around till I found the pattern/fabric dept. I found the perfect pattern plus a few extra's and went to get them from the drawers only to find out that they are behind the counter and I had to ask some lady to get them for me! aarrrgh! That is where I stopped being so impressed! Anyone who sews can probably appreciate my dismay! How annoying, so after standing there for 15 min I leave with my patterns in hand. Then I went to a different store for the material as they didn't have quite what I needed at Spotlight.Well, the shorts are complete and I had a blast making them. When I told Rick I was making them he had some doubt in his voice that I would beable to pull it off. Ha ha ha...

I think they could use a few more pockets and bulk to be true skatey shorts maybe? But Blazer likes 'em as you can tell by the smile on his face!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Well, for some reason I am unable to put anything in my title bar for this post so this post is titleless. If it had one it would be called...hmmm...Hodge Podge...yeah, this is just a mixture of a few different things.
For starters, we haven't seen any sign of rats since the one we caught. But then again, I am not leaving anything out it the car or in my storage area in the basement for them to get into. I too have a climbing story but its not as exciting as Libby's with her monkeys! The other day as I was reading everyone's blogs Mesa calls up to me, "Mommy! I need you to come rescue me!", so I go down with my camera and this is what I found. She had climbed up to the top shelf in her closet and couldn't get back down. All for the sake of finding some clothes. What are clothes doing on that shelf anyhow when there's several other shelves in reachable area? So I pulled everything down and told her to put them where they belong. Yeah, boring story eh?

I'm feeling somewhat desperate for things to write because everyone else has cool stuff to say and fun pics and here I am with nothing cool and exciting to talk about. But my life is not boring that's for sure! I worked 5 days this week. Did I ever tell you I got a job as a popcorn lady!? Yeah, it's a fun brainless job and honestly I think I'm overqualified but its money so I'm not complaining. I have been able to try all 20 flavours of popcorn and so that is fun. I also get it for half price too. It's the same thing as Kernels in the malls in Canada. I worked at Remax 3 days this week. They really like me there and I have a feeling it might turn into something full time in the not so distant future. With the kids being on holidays for the past 2 weeks though, I have had to hire babysitters and have paid out probably around $200 for that. It's still worth it though and I can't wait till the kids go back to school so I don't have the pressure of them being around all the time when I'm working. Hat's off to all those working mums out there. I have always considered myself a very blessed mother to beable to be at home with my kids.

My third item of business is food. I love food. What I love even more than eating it though, is knowing that I created what I'm eating! I really would love to open up some kind of cafe or restaurant of some sort someday. I just need the money and I would really want a good girlfriend or sis to go in on it with me. Someone else who knows how to create masterpieces as well. I'm really suprised I'm not a tubbo what with all the food I make. Last night we had an amazing quiche with a sweet potatoe salad and then a delcious dessert which actually was made by my babysitter. I should have taken a pic of the quiche. Picture perfect and oh so yummy. The missionaries had 3 helpings each! The whole 9x13 pan dissappeared before my eyes!

I'm gonna pray for something exciting to happen soon! I mean, I have interesting things that happen but I really shouldn't talk about them to everyone or it would be construed as gossip! hee hee hee.