Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Last post of the year

This is a pic of Mesa in her class at school's Christmas program. I think they sang the song "We wish you a Ripper Christmas" (don't even get me started with that one!)

Well, once again I've fallen victim to blogger laziness. I could think to use "too busy getting ready for Christmas" as my excuse but that would just be an outright lie. I didn't do any Christmas baking, hardly any shopping, and I didn't wrap presents till the 23rd. I did make a Christmas dinner though of course which was delish. Nick and Jes came over and the Elders wanted to work for us that day and it just so happened that they didn't have a DA for that night so we gladly invited them to stay with us. The more the merrier!

I only took one photo on Christmas Day. It was of Blaze. I had my camera all out and ready to take pics of my surprised kids as they found what Santa had brought them which included a bike and helmet for Mesa and a cool computer game for Blaze but they had already woken up in the middle of the night and were surprised on their own and when it came time to be surprised for us, they were over it! I actually ended up giving Mesa a lecture for doing what she did. Blaze at least pretended and put on a fairly good show. Mesa needs to work at that. Also, the cat's out of the bag when it comes to Santa. I don't understand what it is with kids these days. When I was a kid, i WANTED to believe in Santa and I wanted my parents to think I believed until I was like 14! But these kids? Well, it's "I know Santa is you because I saw your shopping list...or, Santa isn't real is he mom?..." so I decided well, if they wanna play that way then fine! I'm tired of pretending when the kids don't appreciate or at least play along with me! It takes too much energy and I'm all about tired these days.
It's all I can do these days to even fix supper for my family and do minor necessary clean up jobs. I'll fall asleep at any given time of the day and I have no desire to do anything but read. It's very pathetic I tell you.
Oh! I almost forgot! I also did another thing this Christmas which made my true blue Miller man happy. I made Scottish Stew for the first time! I wanted to call Lynne to find out what to do but by the time I thought about it it would have been the middle of the night in Ontario so I just had to wing it. 3 ingred. Sausage meat, stewing beef and beef broth right? Well, even if its not, Rick said it tasted just as he remembered so he was happy. Me and the kids ate some too. Not too bad. A little meaty for brekky but good otherwise.

Here's a picture of my happy little husband cuz he finally has his Scottish Stew after probably 10 years of missing out! He couldn't keep his eyes open for the picture because he had a major eye problem for a few days where his eyes were ultra sensitive to the light so hence camera flash=pain. I was happy to do this for my Ricky. Love you babe!

So that about wraps it up for our Christmas. I was definetly the Grinch this year. I think I get more and more Grinchy every year I'm away from home for Christmas. I hate hot Christmas's what can I say? I hate not having tons of people around to share in all the joy of Christmas. I think that's the biggest thing. Growing up we always had tons of people around for dinner and all day Christmas Eve and Day and Boxing Day. It was fun and exciting. Now...4 of us this year...I told the kids that's why we're having more b/c that way it'll be funner. haha They seemed to like that though cuz that would mean they would have one more present to open. Well, next year I have a plan. I'm too tired to talk about it right now but I think it's gonna be swell!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Does anyone out there just LOVE housework? It is a never ending job I must say. I used to keep my house spic and span all the time. That was when I lived in a smaller house and I had small children at home and didn't find excuses to get out of the house on a daily basis. I always thought that the older the children got, the cleaner the house would get. Aaahhh, I long for those days again. I've found my freedom but in the meantime, the mess has found me. It's quite embarrassing to tell you the truth! I feel so inept as a housewife because I can't seem to stay organized. It's possible that the construction could be causing a bit of the chaos that envelops me day to day.

I see piles of laundry that creep up out of nowhere and sit for days and days begging for some soapy serenity but it gets no attention. And it seems as though once the washing and drying is finally done, it will sit...and sit...and sit. Eventually it makes it's way into the basket folded only to sit some more. I'd love to be laundry actually. What a life. Just sitting. Enjoying the laziness.

Clean floors. I LOVE them! I wear shoes in my house almost 100% of the time because I can't STAND gritty feeling under my feet. Crumbs, sugar, dirt, water drops. YUCK. And they seem to only stay clean for like an hour max after all my hard work. Frustration. That is actually my biggest challenge being under construction. I look at my floors and say, Why should I sweep and wash you? You're just going to be dirty the next time someone walks on you! So I'm sorry Mr. Clean, you've been taking a back seat for quite a while now and it'll be a while longer too.

Windows. I just cleaned a bunch of my windows today. I love clean windows. I hate it when little fingers smudge them up within hours of them being cleaned. I think I should probably enjoy seeiing that? I don't know. Maybe if they were half the size they are now it wouldn't bother me so much.

Bathroom sinks are so nice when they are nice and shiny and white and the taps sparkle. Then your dear sweet husband comes in and trims or shaves and bam! Hello hairy sink! Long time no see! Sometimes he tries his best to clean the hair away but frankly he pretty much sucks at that job. Then there's the fingerprints on the fridge. Why is it that they appear just minutes after being cleaned off? It certainly isn't me doing that. STOP IT!
Well, another day of housework come and gone. I don't love housework. Until it's all done. Then I can relax and chill knowing that I've done my best to provide a welcoming enjoyable retreat. Aaaahhh. I want to go read Twilight now. Oh wait! I'm finished...time for New Moon now. It was really good.