Friday, September 25, 2009

We went to the pool

Today we took advantage of a beautiful day in Sunny Australia to visit the Cotton Tree Pool. It was to be Savvy's first ever real swim in a pool. All in all I'd say it was a very positive experience. Can't wait to start her in Water Babies! She was super cute and the kids all had a blast holding her in the water and swimming for the afternoon.

I just thought she looked so cute in her stroller as we were about to leave I had to take another photo

Cute even from behind! Cute little behind too!

What's up with that face? Well, at least Mesa looks cute!

Posted by PicasaThe sun was just a tad too bright at this point.

Wow, all 4 kids together for a photo op! Is this really the first time this has happened since birth? I am ashamed! But at least they all look cute. Do I really have 4 children?? I think its official, I've turned into my mother...

Lookin all proud of herself. xoxox

Too bad she's not looking at the camera.

Posted by PicasaI looked down before we were going to leave and couldn't resist taking a pic of these cute lil' tender tootsies poking out from under the towel. hehehe

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What we do for fun

Anyone who really knows Blaze knows how much he loves his computer games. So he was playing a couple days ago and was so absorbed he didn't even care what was happening to him while he was playing. The girls decided to give him a new look. Whatdya think?

These cute little girls are my friend Sole's kids. They showed up and surprised me that day.

I got my hair cut. Yay! This morning I woke up for the first time with it this short and can I tell you? I LOVE it! It is gonna be so easy to maintain. I love my hairstylist Jaime!

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Friday, September 18, 2009

I miss my sis!

Well its been 3 weeks since Lydia left :( I am SO sad she's not still here. I miss her so much! I am in tears just writing this. So I had come across a few pics this morning that I wanted to post.

We took this pic just before we left to go to the airport. We had both been crying a little right before this pic was taken but our natural beauty has shone right through eh lyd!? hehehe

Lydia always loves to take pics of the funny things around here. Duck crossing. Beware!

Oh! Here are some of the ducks you may see crossing the street where we live. Funny things she gets the kids to do for piccies.

Posted by PicasaOk, she wanted a picture of her Blaze and Savvy watching Star Wars. She is such a good Auntie b/c Blaze LOVES Star Wars and she was kind enough to sit through the entire series with him while she was here. (and to be honest, she actually enjoyed it I think!) I think he still owes her a viewing of My Fair Lady isn't that right Lydia?

Savannah's First Surf...4 mos old

She needed a little help standing up on the board but Rick says she has pretty good positioning. heheh
Papa and Savvy heading out
Hmmmm, I think she's not really enjoying this too much at this stage!
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Time with Bubs

We all have plenty of fun with Savannah every day. Everyone adores her so much and she's such a joy to have in our family! Here are some recent pics, some of which were taken just this morning.

This one was taken a few days ago. Rick was feeling her some rice cereal this night as I went out to YW to do a little presentation on Canada and he decided to give her some food. Note the messy face!
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Time with Bubs Con't

Here is what she looks like when I feed her. Much cleaner face!

She's getting buried in the sand. Hmmmmm, don't think she likes that too much do you?

She got attacked by a lipstick monster! I can't help myself she's just so kissable!

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

THE Birthday Gift

Well, you know you're a bad blogger takes you a month to put up a post about your son's birthday! This was probably my favorite bday of the year though despite the delay in posting about it. Why you ask? Well, for pret near a year Blaze has been talking about this Republic Attack Gunship and saying how much he wanted it and saying that if he got it then he didn't want anything else. Just the repulic attack gunship. Nothing else. Well, when its a $170 toy we're talking about then its not gonna come easily. But when all the kid talks about day after day after day for a year, then you start to realize that you MUST get him what he wants! You have to watch the video's in order because the camera ran out of memory.Notice how in the first one he goes for the big box first knowing however that its not the gunship but thinking that it's got to be lego of some sort because of the size and also due to the fact that I put some pasta in the box and it really did sound like lego! His expression after every gift of nothing is unwrapped. Then in the second video right near the end keep your ears peeled for a strange noise that came from Savannah. We all start laughing our heads off cuz it was such perfect timing on her innocent part. Right in the middle of a silent period. Beware cuz I end up acting like quite the freak too. And then to top it all off you can see the result of my eating waayyy too much of pretty much everything since I had Savannah. I'm fully aware though and just want to let you know I'm working on it!

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Sunday, September 6, 2009


All these beach pics were taken the day b4 Lyd left. I let the kids stay home from school and we played all day. It was a fun day.

Savvanah's first trip to the beach. Nice tummy!Her cute little footprint. This was more difficult to get than you'd imagine! When there's only 12lbs to push down it isn't easy to get a good firm impression.

The kids finally figured out a way to get away with murder! Incapacitate the mother...very bright!


they buried each other and then I buried the last person

I just thought Id put up a few pics that we have taken lately. My sissy has left me. I am so sad. We had the greatest time while she was here. She got to know our family heaps better and vice versa. I miss her so much! I wish she could have stayed and finished her schooling here. But I understand her needing to go back. And she wanted to stay just as much as I wanted her to. I guess she's just as crazy as I am! I think she has definetly proven what a good auntie she is. She got several dirty looks from the kids and even one "I don't like you!" That just proves to me that she's doing a good job as an aunt. Not all fun and games but a teacher at the same time. Last night at the dinner table Blaze was dishing up his food and had his plate too far away from the pot of food and Candace says, "Blaze, I don't think Aunt Lydia would approve of that! Move your plate closer!" It was so funny.
This pic was taken at the Power Boat Club in Golden Beach. Our friend Naz (short for Nazareth) sings in a band with his Dad and brother and this was taken during a break. We thought we looked pretty cool all in black. But actually, I think lydia and I are the only cool ones. The guys are just trying to catch up to us. This is actually our new favorite thing to do is go and hear their band. They are really good and they play at clubs all over the Sunny Coast and we can watch the crazies dance after they've had a few. It won't be the same without you Lyddie!

Lydia and I climbed Mt. Coolum a couple of times before she left. Talk about a good workout! And you're rewarded up top with a gorgeous view of part of the Sunshine Coast where we live.

This is the view from up the top

On a good note, we got a package from Grandma Betty Jean in the mail. It had two adorable little outfits in there that I can't wait till Savannah fits into! Thanks so much! Also, I'm in the middle of getting Savannah's passport so that we can make our first trip overseas to come visit all our friends and family. I can't wait to board that plane and say goodbye to Australia for a few weeks and be back in my homeland. I plan on visiting family a plenty in Utah including family of mine as well as Rick's family. So ya better get ready cuz we're comin! Hoping Rick will be able to make it too. I was planning on leaving within 2 wks but a glitch has come up and its gonna be at least 4 so hopefully he can come for a couple weeks.
Savannah's new little friend Tiggy. Or should I say BIG friend! Tiggy is obviously quite taken with her don'tcha think?

I've also been working Mondays. Yuck. Mondays are now my least favorite day. Probably Rick's favorite though as he gets to stay home and play with Savvy all day. He is such a good Papa! Father's Day was just today here in Australia and we spoiled Rick with a gift bucket as opposed to a gift basket. Thought he would get some good use out of another bucket rather than a basket that would no doubt just end up kickin around and getting thrown away sooner or later. It was full of good stuff for him to enjoy.