Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fries n'Gravy

Yesterday was my favorite day of the week. I had been offered an extra day of work but had to turn it down because my body said "YOU NEED A BREAK!" And not just a break from work but a break from ANY and ALL work whatsoever. So apart from going to the gym for 30 min the most movement I had was going back and forth from the couch to the fridge and couch to the bathroom. I read a book all day and entertained my tastebuds by eating anything my heart or should I say tummy, desired. Chips, candy, pop, ice cream and of course fries and gravy. So my newest crush is just that. Fries n'Gravy. I'll eat it everyday if I feel until I don't like it anymore. As I'm typing this the french fries are in the oven awaiting the perfect crispness to arrive.What do you think? I had to finish eating them before I even finished this post! aaaahhh! I'm a fries n gravy maniac!

On another topic, I just took blaze down to the park to meet his friend and on the way back I saw Herbie! You know? No. 53. White with blue and red stripes? Who out there

was NOT a fan of Herbie when he went bananas??

Friday, February 27, 2009

Preggy Pics

23 1/2 wks with #4

Okay, so just like I am curious when I know someone else is preggy and I totally wanna see their cute tummies, I have had many requests to show my tummy. I honestly though I'd be better at this cuz I have wanted to look like this for so so long but until yesterday I had not one pic taken of me showing my tummy since getting this way! I had Candace take one just before I went to work so here it is. I'd like to get some nice professional photos taken actually. But this will have to do for now. I think I look absolutely terrible in it. I'm all squinty cuz the sun was so bright and I didn't put on my sunnies. I had a customer at work tell me yesterday that I seemed to be carrying the baby really well and that I looked like I was "all baby" which was really nice. You know, when you're expecting you rarely think that you look "good" But now since hearing that compliment I have been thinking, "Yah! You DO look pretty good actually!"

I just made a perfect batch of pancakes this am. Don't you love it when they turn out picture perfect and taste even better? I like them with just butter. Yu-umm! I'm still trying to go to the gym as much as possible. I usually only make it 1-2 mornings a week though. It takes every bit of motivation and energy I can muster up to make it there. I really look up to Robyn for being able to be so active during her pregnancy. I thought I would be the same way. I mean, I used to wake at 5 every morning (no alarm) get ready and go to the gym and work out HARD for at least 60 min and come home and go throughout my day and do the same thing over and over 5 days a week. Now? hahaha Its seems like I was a different person back then. But at least I'm not eating major amounts of junk food so I'm not piling on the weight. I've been lucky because I've actually been turned off by pretty much any and all sweets for the most part. I can walk by chocolate bars and candy and ice cream and actually feel gross like I have no desire to partake. And if I do get a hankering to have a sweet its like a couple bites and I'm done. I've had one week where I ate as much chocolate in that week as I had in the whole 4 mos previous combined. So lucky. Anyways, nuff talk, more action!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My husband has a problem

Ok, so the other I am attempting to make a quick and easy supper and so tuna casserole comes to my rescue. I usually add a can of cream of mushroom soup but there isn't any in the pantry so I go on a hunt sure that I had some somewhere. Well, I open up this cupboard in the basement and what do I see? 5 cases of energy drink! Holy mother! Richard, lay off the drink man! He is seriously addicted.

Well, today is the big guy's birthday. We won't talk about the age cuz know he's a tad sensitive about this issue. hehe...So over 2 months ago I got this email advertising super cheap prices for plane tickets all over Australia and I decide I'm not going to live in a beautiful country and never see any more of it than the area I live in. So what did I do? Something I would NEVER normally do. I bought tickets for Rick and I to go to Sydney on his birthday for the weekend. It was to be a complete surprise as well. I was going to basically kidnap him and not tell him where we were going or anything. How fun eh? Well, a couple things happened to make it hard for us to get away and well, to make a long story short, I told him about the tickets this morning and we would have been on a plane right now going to Sydney but instead I'm blogging about my foiled birthday surprise and he's pouring concrete at the job site. I feel so crappy about this but he was so stoked that it could have actually happened so...I guess we'll have to try again soon. Now anything else I may do for him today seems to pale in comparison to what could have been.

I'll have to post some picss tomorrow of his cake and us all happy on his bday. hahah, you know how he LOVES being the center of attention!

Well, V-Day was sweet cuz we went out for a movie and a donair. Saw the Clint Eastwood movie that's out. Gran Torino. He's awesome.What I loved about this film is that Eastwood's character went from loathing these Asians to caring more about them and doing more for them than he even did for his own family. He sacrificed his most priceless gift for them. Too much swearing in it for sure but Clint E is so cool I just had to forgive it. Awesome story. So if you can handle a lot of swearing then go see it. Also, Richy surprised me with some chocolate and I surprised him by not getting upset that he extended his hour long surf into a 4 hour one. Actually the thought of being upset with him never even crossed my mind. Only thoughts of the fact that I was so happy he was doing something he wanted to do and something for himself for so long and having a good time. We are just so perfect together! Love him!