Thursday, August 13, 2009

Buderim Falls

On Tuesday Lydia, Savannah and I went to Buderim Falls. It is so sweet! It takes about 15 min max to get there and then you hike down this little trail about 300m to get to the main waterfall which of course is nothing like Waterton waterfalls but is good enough for me at this point. Then from there you can hike in several different directions and follow along the falls/pools. We took a classic school days lunch with us too. It consisted of a PB&J sandwich, an apple and 2 cookies. But then I suggested we add something else as a bonus, a juice box and some chips. We've been talking about how when we were kids all we got in our lunches was a sandwich, apple and cookies and how we used to eat every single bit of our food because well, when thats all you have, you eat it all because its sure better than going hungry right? We used to NEVER throw things away, leave food in our "book bags" or bring them home and let them sit around for our mother to find! But my kids are doing that ALL the time! So I've decided that from now on, things are getting simplified and my kids are only getting a "classic school days lunch" from now on. Yesterday the kids had a day off from school. Aussies and their days off man! It's pathetic. Anything for a break from work or school. They had a day off for some sort of fair in Brisbane. So I took Blaze and Mesa and their two friends to the falls. They had a blast! Guess what I packed them for their picnic lunch? Yup, you guessed it! The Classic School days lunch. How much of it did they eat? You guessed it again! All of it! Cool, I love learning these lessons in motherhood.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Turning a new leaf

Well, great news! Savannah is officially been given a clean bill of health from the pediatrician! She's been getting fortnightly blood tests and become a pro at getting her heel pricked. No crying at all usually except the last time when a new girl did it and must not have been as good. Two weeks ago her hg levels had dropped slowly to 98 and then 2 days ago had it tested again and it has gone up to 107! Which means that her red blood cell factory is now in full production! Yay! I was soooo happy yesterday when I found that out! Annnnd, also she has been gaining approximately an ounce a day and now weighs 11lb3! She's smiling a ton nowadays as well and cooing and just being downright precious. It's hard to get a good pic of her smiling because my camera is a little on the slow side and if I'm holding a camera she doesn't seem to be too interested in looking at me and smiling but would rather keep her eyes focused on this strange contraption I'm holding.
Haha what a cute little face! So funny.
The best smile I could get on my own with a camera. Lydia is going to have to help me out with this one!

How cute is she??
Ok, so Rick thought it would be fun to let Savannah try some orange a couple nights ago. Turns out, she loves O.J! I know...she's only almost 3 months old but we don't do this on a regular basis. Although she has tried a strawberry as well and loves those too. Anyways, should be fun when she starts eating for real. I have a video to post as well.

Summer finally held Savannah the night before she left. She claims she doesn't "like" babies....someone should tell her thats a no no to say to a mother with a baby...