Saturday, November 21, 2009

The girls in white

I got this cute as dress for Savannah at Target of all places and it was only $20! I love good deals! So Mesa went and took all these photos except for the one of her and Savvy together. She got some good shots! I think they're gorgeous (the girls I mean) I mean to get a good shot of all 3 of them together tomorrow maybe and some of all 4 kids together as well. I'm also going to be posting about Mesa's gymnastics presentation I went to today. That'll be later though as I have the unfortunate task now of putting my kids to work in the backyard. Yippee. Not.

The little shoes were included. They even stay on her feet!

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Little Watermelon Baby

We are lucky. Savannah loves all foods she has tried. Especially watermelon. This was a sweet clip I managed to catch on video. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary! 5 years and waitin for more!

Rick and I celebrated 5 years of married bliss the other day. I can't hardly believe how time has flown by. It has truly been a journey thus far and the best time of my life. There are so many things that I have to be thankful for being married to Rick Miller. I am so proud to be his wife. I think he is just the best in every way and I love him to bits and pieces. We just love being together no matter what we are doing. I never tire of him. So on Saturday when we remembered that it was our 5yr anniversary, the boy that works for Rick was standing here and offered to take care of the kids while we went to Byron Bay for the rest of that day and all of Sunday. He is preparing to go on a mission and 19 and very responsible and just a really good kid. I found out later that he even had family prayer and scriptures with the kids! Wow! I am so stoked! So off we went. It was a 3 hour drive to Byron which is the most easterly point of Australia. After a few hours in Byron we decided to take a detour on the way home and so we went out to Nimbin which is not only the Hippie Capital of Australia but the Cannibis Capital of Australia as well! We were sorely tempted to purchase some of that cannibis but since it was the sabbath we decided we best be stickin to a tub of Sara Lee ice cream instead. So we bought this tub of ice cream and were gonna go sit down at a little park and eat it and Rick points down this alleyway cuz he saw a park bench or a picnic table or something down there and says "lets go down to this park" so we start down and immediately this lady who is for sure doped up starts talking to us about Savannah and I thought she jokingly said "no babies allowed back here" so we continue to walk after our friendly little conversation with her and i'm a bit ahead of Rick and this guy says to us"You guys wanna buy some dope?" I'm like thinking "no way! get away from me!" and at that point I feel like I must be walking around in a clown suit cuz it seems like everyone's staring at us thinking we're gonna come buy some dope from them. I'm pushing the stroller and Rick's carrying bubs and I initially thought "oh, we just need to get past this guy who's selling dope and then we can get to the park" hahaha that thought lasted for about 2 seconds and then I realized and said to Rick "ummm Rick I don't think this is the park we're looking for. I think we're in the wrong place" So we turned and started walking out of the alley from hell and says to the lady on the way out "we thought this was the park" she kinda laughed "nope this isn't the park honey" oh gosh what kind of parents are we? taking our 6mo old into a drug alley? ahhh! Well, we got a good laugh out of it anyways and then we went to the real park which didn't even have any grass...well, green grass anyhow and ate a whole litre of ice cream. It was delish. Savvy liked it too. But mostly she liked the milk I gave her to wash it down.

The famous Byron Bay Lighthouse. 1907

On the way up to the lighthouse you pass this beautiful sight. Postcard material right here.

This picture does not even do the countryside justice that we drove through to get to Nimbin. It was just fairy tale beautiful. Part of it was even called Happy Valley.
Stiff as a gun. Stiff as a gun.
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We drove past this "thing" on the road and I made Rick turn around cuz I wanted to see what it was. Yucko! But I just had to take a picture to put on the blog. The sicko that I am! Its a blue tongue lizard who's tail has been decapitated. Ewwwww
We took Savvy for a swim at the hotel that morning and she was so tuckered out from it she fell asleep in the hot shower afterwards. Awwwwe!
We bought these strawberries from a stand. They had to be the most perfect looking strawberries I have ever seen. And delish too!
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Us eating our strawberries. What a geek I am. Btw, I need these glasses for driving bc of my double vision. Its terrible!
Always the funny man
Not really sure if she like this or not. I think it was too sour for her.
Yup. Too sour. Pucker up girl!
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Ladybug Ladybug fly away home...

So when Lydia was here we went shopping and they had these cute as outfits at Big W (the Aussie version of Wal Mart) and so I had bought this ladybug one as well as a watermelon one. I didn't think about it at the time but later decided it would make the perfect halloween outfit. It came complete with the cute little hat with the antennas on it. hahaha She made an absolutely adorable ladybug!

Here she is doing her one and only first ever trick or treat. She's all ready to receive her candy!
What gorgeous eyes! She always has them so wide open!
Here comes trouble!
Here's the house we went to. Rick is their home teacher. The Appletons
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Monday, November 2, 2009

The Jolly Jumper

Here is a little clip of savvy in her jolly jumper. This was her first time in it. sorry for the sideways view. I should have changed it but now that it's loaded I'm not gonna bother. I have a devil of a time every single time I try to upload a video. Any tips you blogger maniacs? Nothing seems to be a nice quick easy upload. It usually takes seriously ages to upload if it does it at all. Well, enjoy