Friday, February 26, 2010

Not what she really wanted

Todays post. Conversation format.

Candace: Mom, I need you to write me a note.
Me: A note for what?
Candace: To say that I didn't go swimming on Monday because of my cold.
Me: (knowing that the cold was very minimal) Well why didn't you go swimming? You can't stop your life just because you feel a bit ill you know.
Candace: I didn't want it to get worse. And besides, Victoria would have been sitting out all by herself if I didn't sit out with her. (oh sob sob!)

So I sit down and write her a note:

Dear Teacher,

Apparently Candace thinks she needs to quit living when she feels a bit ill and so therefore did not go swimming on Monday in your class. I do not approve of her actions but am in acknowledgement of it happening.


Rachel Miller

Candace: MOM!!! I'm crossing it out!
Me: Well, if you cross it out you're not getting another one written. Its that or nothing. Sorry.
Candace: But I'll get a detention!
Me: Well sorry, but I just write it like it is. I'm not going to tell the teacher that I'm approving of your actions and I'm not going to let you think so either. I guess if you get a detention then maybe you will learn not to make silly choices like that again.
Candace:(just before walking out the door to go to school) Next time you ask me to do something important for you I'm going to say no!

I think I definetly got the last laugh here cause she definetly cracked me up. Hope she learned something! And I'm wondering how many teachers have ever gotten notes like that.

Monday, February 22, 2010

USA 5 Canada 3

I'm sure there are more than 30 million Americans gloating right now. And hopefully waaaaay more who are dissapointed and bummed that Canada was on the losing end of that game. One thing I know for sure is this is how I feel. (See above)I wasn't able to watch it but thanks to my sissy she kept me updated on the score throughout. Gol darn americans! Roaarrrrrrrr! Hopefully the gold medal will still go to the ones who invented the game. GO CANADA GO! GO CANADA GO!GO CANADA GO!
I for some reason cannot move these pics around in this post so they are staying put even though they are not where I want them to be.