Tuesday, November 13, 2007

6 Things about ME!

1. I was a heavy metal fan for a part of my teenage years...yup...imagine me...a nice Mormon girl into the heavy metal. I definetly went through a rebellious stage though. Wore the black heavy metal t-shirts with the tight jeans and everything. I would listen to my "walkman" on the bus on the way to school and look out the window and be mad at the world listening to Guns n'Roses, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard. I eventually snapped out of it although I still have a closet heavy metal crush. Hee hee don't tell!

2. I weigh more than I look like I weigh...Yah, maybe I just think I look skinnier than I really do look...but seriously, I had a major downer the other day when at the gym they had these 2 scale type machines that would tell you all sorts of info like your body fat %, weight, muscle mass and all that jazz. Well, I being quite skeptical wasn't sure I wanted to step on this thing even if it was offered as a free service which normally would cost $33. But, despite my reservations, I stepped on it and of course ended up wishing I hadn't! It said I weighed...hmmm hmmm...! I can't believe I just said that! But my body fat! Can I tell you I'm on the upper end of the scale? They tell me anything between 20 or 22 and 30% is normal. Well, when you're 28% that is not looking good for a girl who works out 4-5 times per week! No, not acceptable I tell you! My legs, do you even want to know how much they were? Ok, 32 and 33% Shockin is pretty much all I have to say about that. So now I have a choice to make, I could either (A) pig out due to some great depression that's setting in, or (B) Starve myself to get some better results cuz obviously, what I'm doin, ain't doin!

3. I LOVE horses and ranch life...Ok, born and raised in the country. Had piglets and lambs as a child. I've always had a major love for horses despite my allergy to them. I used to ask my mom for a horse and she always told me no, but it never curbed my love for them. I can't even hardly watch a good movie that involves horses and that, like Flicka with Tim McGraw without gettin so sad that I'm not there. So in my dreams, I am living on a ranch with horses, cattle, chickens, pigs, dogs and lots of green grass and trees and a cool old ranch house. In the mornin the kids have to go out n' do the chores before school and I can go out riding anytime I want...as long as I'm not makin' bread and butter. I am totally a cowgirl at heart, but instead, for the sake of love, I'm livin in a town next to the beach...go figure!

4. I hate running...What more can i say about this? I can't stand being so out of breath. But actually, as a youth, I used to run in races and was pretty good. I actually won 2nd in the Southern Alberta Summer Games once. I always used to get literally sick to my stomach from sheer nervousness though before the race. Not fun!

5. I am a very unorganized person...in fact I think I may have ADD...I should show you all a picture of my desk...But I can't find my camera underneath all the mess! And besides, I dropped it and it's broken anyways...(camera #2) Whenever I bring the mail in from the box, it ends up in a different spot every time. Rick actually sees it and says "Oh did you find a new spot for the mail? Cool, always changin things up around here!" My room is a disaster, and whatever I take off, my mp3, heart rate monitor, shoes, purse, sunnies, sports bra...whatever it is, it's in a different spot everytime and when I go to put them back on the next time, I spend ages looking for them. I swear I waste soooo much time looking for my misplaced items I could probably bake like an extra pan of muffins a week with all the time I would save if I was more organized. I'm serious guys, this unorganized part of my personality is a major problem.

6. I am a Canadian!...Yup! True blue Canadian. I've never been more patriotic than since I moved here to Australia. I love my country and all that it has to offer. I love the seasons, I love my family and friends and being close to them. I love weiner roasts in the trees. I love tin foil dinners. I love the mountains and I love maple syrup and nanaimo bars. I love Eatmore's and Spitz and Tacotime and Canada Safeway! I love Hockey Night in Canada! I love Whoop up Days and the Calgary Stampede! I love it all and I miss it! I can't wait to go home for a visit!

Ok, that was very time consuming! 5 people to tag? hmmm...that's tuff, I'll just do 3

1. Kelly
2. Robyn
3. Dan


Lydster said...

OK, first of all, don't get freaked out about your weight. It probably wasn't a very accurate machine in the first place. Carli knows more about this than I do cause she's studying it in school, but I know there are lots of bmi things that are not accurate. And as long as you are healthy, who cares? Muffins...mmmm...I made orange pumpkin muffins last night.

Jeni, Brian & Natalie Rawlins said...

In your dream, was Tim Mcgraw there? I want to picture him there, but it is my dream.
I had NO IDEA you were allergic to horses! That is crazy!

The RC Miller Clan said...

Ok, who cares Lyd? I care! It's a big deal to me. I just found out I have gained about well, enough fat in the last 3 years that I can't even fit into my wranglers anymore. Yeah, wranglers don't lie. So, who cares? Me, and I won't stay skinny not caring. Rick actually fits into my wranglers and I don't! Yikes abee!

dan robyn & melia said...

hey sorry i never saw this one!! Those scales can be tricky b/c it how hydrated you are makes a big differnce with how accurate they are...ok so i am tagged and i didn't even know it!!