Thursday, December 27, 2007

What a slacker!

I know it's been like FOREVER since I got on the blog...I guess I've just been really slack and just plain old not interested! I've been trying to make myself interested but it just hasn't happened. Also, not having a camera really set me back. Well, we've had Christmas and can I tell you? It's just not the same without -20 weather and snow! I had a REALLY hard getting into it this year and last year too. I am really looking forward to coming home in about 2 weeks! I'm glad Christmas is over. I don't like to be a bah humbug but...I do love Christmas though. We had a churkey dinner this year for Christmas. Turkey is just too expensive here. Like, we're talkin around $10-$15/kg. CRAZY!!! I mean, we have some bush turkeys runnin around but I'm thinking they might taste kind of gamey. What do you think? Hah! So I bought a big chicken and cooked it like a turkey and decided to call it churkey! Pretty ingenious I know!

So the girls got spoiled with lots of clothes this year. I'm so tight I hardly ever buy clothes for anybody here so it was kind of different. They were totally excited about all their new clothes. I got my serger...did I already tell you about that? I'm really looking forward to using it alot. I got it a few weeks early though. Then Rick one day says to me when I got home from work, "Did you see my Christmas present you gave me?" I'm like, 'no?' so he tells me to go look on the front lawn and it's tied to the pole Mesa ran into. So I go look and I'll be darned if there wasn't a boat sitting out on the front yard! I swear I feel like I've already told this story on the blog already!

Well, I'm so looking forward to seeing my little boy and the rest of my family who just love being around me! And my best girlfriends and my fave sis in law! Then I get to see my favorite little grandson(hah! doesn't that sound hilarious!) and the rest of the Miller kids and friends in Cali before I head back to Oz. I'm also looking forward to spending some time with Jilly up in my home country! Yay! Here are a few pics of this Christmas...enjoy! Oh, and I had typed a post a month ago or so and was waiting for some pics but never got any so decided to just post without pics. It is down a few posts so check it out if you want to.

ha ha...still on our honeymoon!

Canny got some BO juice from Santy!

Mesa got 2 beanie kids...Aussie version of beanie babies

Canny got 2 beanie kids as well

I got this cute as little shopping cart! I've always wanted one cuz I think they're so cute!

Mesa was jumping rope when all the sudden her shorts fell down! Talk about gettin caught with your shorts down!


dan robyn & melia said...

Merry Christmas Chel and fam! We are in Canada for the holidays and it is awesome to be up here. It's a good thing you got your kids new clothes since they are falling off them!!

Lydster said...

nice undies mesa...