Saturday, May 31, 2008

i am

I found this post on Jenny's blog and I love love love reading other people's things like this so thought I'd do mine since she has tagged everyone who has read hers. Tagged means that now you're it and have to do it too (for those of you who may not know)Pay attention at the end to see if YOU are the next lucky one who is tagged!

i am: tired of the rain

i think: too much

i know: everything…I’m a mom!

i want: my house to be finished so I can enjoy a normal home again!

i have: so much to be thankful for I could never name it all

i wish: I would stop yelling at my kids!

i hate: Onions and spiders and sawdust!

i miss: Canada and all my family back home. I miss the simple life I once had.

i fear: not much at this moment.

i feel: like sitting in a hot tub for a long long time…aaaahhhhh!

i hear: the rain falling on the roof and the sound of the keys on the keyboard

i smell: good. Like Frangipani’s

i crave: a trip to Fiji right now!

i search: for everything that I want because I’m so unorganized I can never put anything back in the same place twice!

i wonder: if…

i regret: not being a better mother.

i love: my Ricky, and the smell of fresh cut grass and the smell of horses and the smell of good rawhide especially in a tack room…and I love babies…cute adorable delicious babies, especially MY babies! (who aren’t babies anymore!)

i ache: for the country everytime I see a picture or a movie of some beautiful countryside…especially My Friend Flicka. I seriously can’t even watch that show cuz it makes me cry everytime.

i care: about what other people think of me.

i always: look for the best deals when shopping.

i am not: good at paperwork…I HATE it!

i believe: That I am absolutely the luckiest girl in the world to have found my one true love and that he feels the same way as I do about that!

i dance: to Shania Twain when I do housework and used to hold my little kids and dance to anything country. That was when they were little enough to hold for long periods of time!

i sing: like a hound dog…ha ha…I’m not really THAT bad!

i don’t always: know what to say straight away. I usually think of the best line way after the fact!

i fight: ok fine! Yes, I am a fighter. Luckily Rick is not and so that makes things quite a bit more peaceful in our house.

i write: neatly?

i win: and when I don’t I get very frustrated. I have a very competitive nature.

i lose: the battle with baking good bread here in Australia every single time I try. Help me please!

i never: eat enough chocolate

i confuse: my pancake recipe with my waffle recipe ALL the time. That’s why after 13 years I still don’t have either one memorized!

i listen: when I want to

i can usually be found: in bed by 8 o’clock falling asleep reading a book

i am scared: of spiders and cockies and sticking my hand into dark places where there might be spiders and cockies.

i need: to feel needed

i am happy about: being able to provide yummy things for my family to eat on a regular basis.

This actually took alot longer than I thought it would. But Kelly, hopefully you can find the time to do one cuz you've just been tagged! (you better do it or else!)

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Heinzlmeir Clan said...

LOVE THIS! I laughed hard because it totally reflects you! It really sums it up. And yes, you'll be surprised to see that I did one after you tagged me! I even pictured you doing your dance to Shania Twain ya crazy gal!