Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Love Affair

Well, I think you should have a spider update. After I threw that jar out on the grass, a couple days later Rick and I were coming home from a run and I decided to check the spider out. Well, he was still inside the jar...DEAD...Poor thing. I felt so bad for him! I said to Rick, it must've been the cold weather the first night he was out here. He says, Yeah, that cold weather'll get em won't it? hah. I can't believe I just said Poor thing while talking about a ruddy spider! I must be insane!

Ok, now on to bigger and better things. My love affair. I've fallen in love with the greatest invention EVER. Mr Clean Magic Erasers. They are absy fabsy can I tell you?! I mean, you name it, they clean it. They even take tattoo's off of kids faces! Although I wouldn't recommend it b/c your child might go to school that day and end up with a majorly stinging face and going to the school nurse and telling her that her mom did this to her! hah! Well, tell me...what is a mother to do when 5 min before child is to walk out the door, child tells her that she is not allowed to have a big tattoo on her cheek? Well, I'll tell you what mother has to do. Get it off and QUICK! So, I got the tattoo off, but probably not the best possible way...apparently I didn't consult the website first. See below.

"Use of Magic Eraser on the skin may result in mild discomfort comparable to what one would receive from rubbing the skin with very fine sandpaper, but will not cause chemical burns." Next time I'll try peanut butter.

So that's my love affair. I can clean the dirtiest, greasiest of cupboards in seconds with these babies...Try em'...you won't be dissapointed! Mr Clean, I love you! And, you've got good muscles too!


Proud Momma said...

You've just inspired me to go and buy one for my walls...and also? You're hilarious that you inflicted that on your child's face! Oh Chelle...:)

Jeni, Brian & Natalie said...


Robyn & Melia & Dan & future son said...

Nice...I will pick some up!

Robyn & Melia & Dan & future son said...
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Heinzlmeir Clan said...

First off...the spider thing...HELLO??????? K-bigger and better...ya...those things are fab! I agree. We even used them on holidays when Brianna made a huge mark on the wall at the cabin! It came right off. But I have to say, I did get emails with pictures of kids faces and arms where they were helping mom with those and decided to "clean" themselves...one kids was so bad...on the face...holy Chel! Is she okay? Hahahahaha...desperate times call for desperate measures, right!?