Friday, August 7, 2009

Turning a new leaf

Well, great news! Savannah is officially been given a clean bill of health from the pediatrician! She's been getting fortnightly blood tests and become a pro at getting her heel pricked. No crying at all usually except the last time when a new girl did it and must not have been as good. Two weeks ago her hg levels had dropped slowly to 98 and then 2 days ago had it tested again and it has gone up to 107! Which means that her red blood cell factory is now in full production! Yay! I was soooo happy yesterday when I found that out! Annnnd, also she has been gaining approximately an ounce a day and now weighs 11lb3! She's smiling a ton nowadays as well and cooing and just being downright precious. It's hard to get a good pic of her smiling because my camera is a little on the slow side and if I'm holding a camera she doesn't seem to be too interested in looking at me and smiling but would rather keep her eyes focused on this strange contraption I'm holding.
Haha what a cute little face! So funny.
The best smile I could get on my own with a camera. Lydia is going to have to help me out with this one!

How cute is she??
Ok, so Rick thought it would be fun to let Savannah try some orange a couple nights ago. Turns out, she loves O.J! I know...she's only almost 3 months old but we don't do this on a regular basis. Although she has tried a strawberry as well and loves those too. Anyways, should be fun when she starts eating for real. I have a video to post as well.

Summer finally held Savannah the night before she left. She claims she doesn't "like" babies....someone should tell her thats a no no to say to a mother with a baby...

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Robyn Melia and Troy said...

Yay Savannah!! I am so happy she is doing so well! She is so precious. I wish i could hold her!