Saturday, September 25, 2010


I had a good day today. Slept in till 740. Crazy as eh? Seeing as how I'm usually up and at em 2 hrs prior to that. Tried to go for a run. Got 3 houses up and ran into a garage sale. Picked out 6 books and wasted 15 min. Ok, time to focus on the run now. I walked quickly around the corner and then around another corner before crossing the street. Ok! Time to get motivated about my run. Whats that up ahead I see? A big yellow stuffed...bird? Oh, well he was just sitting there advertising that there is another GARAGE SALE. Yeah. Just what I was looking for. At this rate the only sweat I'm gonna break is from picking over someone elses junk. After picking out my first Aussie iron I start trying to get motivated to run. Not happening. So I decide to make a circle instead of backtracking and allowing my garage sellers to see that I'm giving up on the run. Meanwhile I'm hoping there are no more garage sales in the area I could possibly get distracted at.

Now its 9pm and I'm slightly more awake than usual. After my garage sale run I took the girls to Underwater World for a couple hours and then came home and started working on sanding and painting a little cabinet for Savannah's books. Oh, didn't I tell you? I got that at the garage sale too. Its gonna be cute. After I get the 3 coats of paint off and smooth out the wood. A batch of cookies, a double batch of muffins, a taco supper and a shower later, I'm ready for bed.

Yup, I had a good day. Even though I got distracted.

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