Sunday, September 9, 2007

The attack of the killer magpie

Yesterday while I was at work there was some excitement going on. Rick and the kids had gone to the church to take this backdrop for the roadshow that our youth are taking part in. Blaze had been walking in front of the church when all the sudden a magpie with an attitude swooped down and hit him on the head with it's wing! Well, if that wasn't bad enough, Blaze runs over to this big climbing tree, and he climbs up into the tree and it actually attacked him with his beak! At this point he decided to run for some more cover and ended up hiding in a corner of the building to avoid another vicious attack. Crazy bird eh? Here's his bird attack wound...

Later on in the day we decided that we better take the kids and do something fun with them. I mean, what's the point of working hard if you're not going to do anything fun with some of the money that you earn? So we took the kids bowling. We live like 2 min from a bowling alley and we can walk right through the forest and it's on the other side so we walked in the pitch black and got there. Well, then Rick thought I had the money and I thought he had the money but neither of us had the money so I ran home through the forest which seemed even darker on the way back home than on the way there. Why didn't Rick go you ask? Well, he has a very sore neck and shoulder from a hug injury so...I drove the car back though. I'm like...stuff this running thing man! I was so out of breath. I HATE running! Especially in the pitch black when there's a few puddles from the rain that has dumped here for the last few days. Rick and I had a great time just watching the kids. We didn't even bowl and it was so much fun I can't believe it has taken us this long to go bowling when we are so close! We will definetly go more often.

The second best loser with 71 points!

The best loser with 88 points.


The winner with 109 points.

All in all it was a great day!


dan robyn & melia said...

Oh man I remember the lady we lived with while there hated the magpies. SHe even had another name for them like killer birds...I don't know. THey always attacked her birds that she had. Poor Blaze, though! Bowling is so fun! So how did you and Rick do?

Nana said...

I hate the magpies here in Canada too. They probably carry lots of germs, since they eat roadkill. Watch that scratch!!

The RC Miller Clan said...

we didn't play...and you might be thinking butcher birds?

dan robyn & melia said...

yes! Butcher birds. I was trying to think of that!

Lydster said...

Poor Blazer! I can just imagine him hiding in the corner of a building. Oh and the pictures of yer nut crunch stuff look like they could be in a cookbook.