Monday, March 31, 2008

What a lot of Work!

This is Micah 8.5 mos

Ok, so I had three kids with an average of 2 years between each child and I just did the mom thing with toddlers/babies for so many years and then all of the sudden they are growing up and not so much physical work right? Well, I thought I would never forget how much work they are when they are little and how stuck we are as moms of little ones. Well, I forgot!! Then today I was lucky enough to watch these two little frogs that belong to some friends of ours. Their mom was in school today and their dad came over to help rick do cement so I watched the little ones. Fun fun fun! But holy crap! What a lot of work they were! I tried to make a batch of cookies which I wasn't even able to bake the whole thing because of the way things worked out. Then when it came time to make all the guys lunch I was pretty stressed out about that! Well, it's all over now. I even took them to the park which was actually really nice. On the way back home we walked through the forest and Ashlyn kept asking why for the whole 5 hours she was over. Why? I don't know, why? They were really good kids though. Too sweet. On the way home we walked over this new road they just put in and it smelled like the road in front of our house they used to oil every year when I was growing up. Ohhhh, the memories. I've heard that smells are the biggest memory triggers out there. I think that's true.

This is Ashlyn 2 years and her Aunti Erin

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dan robyn & melia said...

Hey sorry I was in Cali for a few weeks and never got on the computer! I went by to see your old house. :( So sad. Cute little kids you sat for.