Monday, April 14, 2008

Crazy Creatures

We had a ward camp on easter weekend and it was pretty good. Saw a couple of weird critters. The first one was called something that I can't remember and it was so weird to see something like it in real life. I mean, coming from southern alberta, you don't see much weirder than a 3 legged dog or the like! I'm always really amazed when I see new and interesting creatures that I know the Lord specifically created. The kids just told me it was called a Guana.The second thing I saw which was cool was this snake. I never saw much more than maybe a garder snake when I was growing up. Then in Cali saw a few rattlesnakes which I thought were totally cool but scary at the same time. I think every time I see a snake I think DANGER! even though most of them really aren't dangerous to humans at all. I was listening to Ellen the other day at the gym and she was talking about how Bob Irwin (Steve's little boy) got bit by a snake and Terri was just brushing it off saying no biggy and that Bindi got bit when she was only 18mos! Ha ha ha...she tied some sort of joke in to it and it was pretty funny. Most kids grow up playing with kittens and the like and then there are the Irwin's...playing with SNAKES and ALLIGATORS! ha ha too funny. I love Ellen! I think she's hilarious and I could care less that she is a gaybo...she's funny as. Click here to see a funny clip!

When we got back from camping we came home to this...
Disgusting!! Some poor little gecko had met up with fate and the ants were having a feast! He was like half eaten! Disgusto!


dan robyn & melia said...

Those guanas are sweet looking! Ok you rock b/c I LOVE ELLEN!! She is hilarious! My sis got tickets to her show but ended up not going.

Heinzlmeir Clan said...

Okay...1st off I died laughing at the whole 3 legged dog true! Now I'm scared...I hope those carnivorous ants don't find me in my sleep and start feasting on ME!!!! Actually, might help me drop a few pounds hey? Hahahaha! BTW...I think Ellen is hysterical as well...and man can she bust-a-move!