Friday, October 17, 2008


Well, I was right when I said I needed to post something big on my blog in order to get the comments! Unfortunately I can't post something cool like that everyday! :( I am totally stoked that everyone is so happy for us! :) It means alot to have good supporters out there! Just know that we don't take you for granted. Betty Jean is really excited cuz she gets to be a grandma again! My grandma couldn't believe it! All in all everyone is pretty excited.

Most of you know how funny Rick is. He's always full of suprises. Always finding a new way to make me laugh without even trying it seems! I wish I could be so funny. He really is the perfect guy for me cuz I love to laugh! So the other day he sends me this email and it says
"And they said I was too old to have more children. What a joke "i'm still goin strong". Some say I have so many kids I must be a Rock n Roll Star. The truth is I am just a humble carpenter OH YA and the journey continues OH YA !!!"

And then there's this pic attached. I thought it was funny as. So Rick too. I think Summer took this pic when she was here back in May. So I forwarded it to several people cuz he thought it would be a good way to let people in on our good news. Apparently it wasn't clear to everyone what it actually meant and Rick was mortified that people might actually think he was just doing it for no reason at all! haha...too funny.

So I was thinking today and wondering if we could go to a website that would figure out what our kids might look like. You know, combine Rick and my pic together to come up with something funny! So I think I may try to find something. Anyone know of anything? If I find something I'll post for sure. Remember on How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days how she did that? haha...those were some ugly kids!

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Dan Robyn and Melia said...

Nice one, Rick...I love how you think the world of Rick. It is awesome.