Sunday, October 26, 2008

Students from afar

Hello! It has been 2-almost 3 weeks since we have had a couple of students come to stay at our house. They are from Korea and Taiwan. Their names are Jeong and Helen. Super nice girls and funny too. They just have this sort of innocence about them probably because they are not used to our language and culture. But we have really enjoyed having them around. I thought it would be stressful having to make sure they had brekky and supper everyday but it has been exactly the opposite. They help with the dishes at every single meal, and always offer to help out doing whatever. They have been playing games with the girls. You remember those hand slapping games?
Down by the banks of the hanky panky
where the bullfrogs jump from bank to banky
saying dip dop diddly eye op
down by the banks of the...ker plop!

They are also real polite and its been a really good experience to have them around.
Jeong from Korea (I think she's a bit afraid to smile in pics!)
Helen from Taiwan

Also, I have to tell you this cool story. A couple weeks ago (yeah I'm really behind on telling this cool story) but the kids went to this little cafe here called The Attic and the owners are strangely nice and generous and they throw a little "party night" for kids every fortnight. Well, they had an eating contest that night which was like a Fear Factor for kids. Well, the winner was going to get an Mp3 player! Wow! I thought, well, Blaze definetly won't be winning that! And then Rick and I took our students out for fish n'chips. YUM! Later on when Rick brought the kids back home (I had already fallen asleep BIG surprise!) Mesa is so excited cuz SHE won the mp3! Cool! Good Job Mesie! Here are some of the things she had to eat.
Vegetable (choice between broccoli and brussel sprouts)
fish eggs
chocolate with garlic in it
I can't remember the last thing! Shoot! Some sort of animal or something. Will post when I remember...crap!
Anyways, I was pretty stinkin proud of her and Blaze surprised me by coming in 2nd! I guess he really wanted that mp3! Candace actually puked at one stage. Caviar. haha...wish I could've been there. Here she is with her prize...


Dan Robyn and Melia said...

Way to go Mesa! Gross...I could never do a fear factor type of eating contest especially if someone brought out roaches! SO how are you feeling?

Lydster said...

That's my girl, Mesa. Good job!