Monday, January 26, 2009

Hmmm...what do I name this post?

Well, I started this post AGES ago but the pics didn't upload and then I lost interest. So now because of some demand I am getting to post something new then I got the pics to load this time and hence the text is at the bottom and for some reason I can't cut and paste it to the top now! I am challenged. So read the text below and then check out the pictures. If you want to do it that one's forcing!
Jeesh what the heck is this thing called again? I can't remember it's been so long! Ummm, maybe its called a water something or other....
The famous Crocoseum...Just not the same without ol' Stevo I'm sure

It was really cool seeing crocs. The show actually wasn't as fabulous as I had expected. I'm sure it would have been heaps better with Irwin around to do it though. It was neat though.

I can't believe I let my kids get so close to a croc! I must be insane! hahaha

Here they are in a cave. Some moronic kids who should totally have known better and whose parents sat there and watched them interrupt our photo session wouldn't get out of the way!

This tiger looked magestic.

These turtles were pretty sweet. I'd never seen such big ones before

Don't we look happy?!

These elephants were super cool. Pretty smart too. And huge.

My beautiful mother sent us some money for Christmas so instead of just banking the money and spending it on something we "need" I decided to do something fun with the money instead. None of us had been to the Australia Zoo so we decided to go and make a day of it. Here are some pics from the day. I really wish Steve hadn't gone and died though cuz I think it would have seemed more magical if he were there. But we had a good time and even I had a good time! I know that sounds terrible right? I don't know what my problem is. Its just that things don't generally thrill me like maybe they should. But we had a great time! And I sat there and listened to my kids and thought how funny they are and really enjoyed being around them. They must not have been fighting! hahaha aaannnnnd, I was surprisingly NOT tired enough to feel like I wanted to climb in with a giant lizard or a tiger and take a nap! Thanks mom!


Nana said...

Looks like fun. Hey I want to see the prego tummy. How about a picture?

Lydster said...

Cool, you finally went to the zoo. Now I wish we had gone in August. Oh well, next time. I love the one of Blaze and Mesa in the croc mouth. It really looks real. Yeah, where's your tummy?

Anonymous said...
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