Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fries n'Gravy

Yesterday was my favorite day of the week. I had been offered an extra day of work but had to turn it down because my body said "YOU NEED A BREAK!" And not just a break from work but a break from ANY and ALL work whatsoever. So apart from going to the gym for 30 min the most movement I had was going back and forth from the couch to the fridge and couch to the bathroom. I read a book all day and entertained my tastebuds by eating anything my heart or should I say tummy, desired. Chips, candy, pop, ice cream and of course fries and gravy. So my newest crush is just that. Fries n'Gravy. I'll eat it everyday if I feel until I don't like it anymore. As I'm typing this the french fries are in the oven awaiting the perfect crispness to arrive.What do you think? I had to finish eating them before I even finished this post! aaaahhh! I'm a fries n gravy maniac!

On another topic, I just took blaze down to the park to meet his friend and on the way back I saw Herbie! You know? No. 53. White with blue and red stripes? Who out there

was NOT a fan of Herbie when he went bananas??


Proud Momma said...

You need to come to Kingston...the best fries and gravy and cheese around...poutine anyone? I'm craving it!

Maughan Crew said...

If it takes you Herbie and french fries to come back around...and you can still look the way you do all preggie then I say go for it!