Monday, July 27, 2009

My Crazy Dad

Oops! The pictures came before the words...

My Crazy Papa before the haircut. All the men in our family decided to go bald all together one day out on the farm. The things we do for cheap entertainment!

After the haircut...turns out that's all he needed to become a sane individual! He has the kindest eyes doesn't he?

I just realized that Father's Day came and went and I never dedicated a post to my wonderful father. Now that is not an indication of how much I love him and what a great guy I think he is at all! Here are 10 things I love about my Dad.

1. He's very kind, patient and gentle.

2. He rarely ever spanked me or yelled at me when I was a child.

3. He has a great sense of humor and can hear a word, any word and come up with a song with that word or topic in it. He also is really good at telling corny jokes!

4. He got smart a few years ago after his rebellious years and cut his hair. hahaha

5. He sings and plays the geetar

6. He taught me how to say geetar

7. He is a hard worker

8. He enabled me to learn how to play the piano by labeling the keys from middle C to the octave up and then made a chart of the notes and labeled them as well. From there all I had to do was teach myself. He also listened to me play for hours and hours and hours on end and has never told me to give it a rest.

9. One time as a young teenager when I made pinapple meatballs and forgot to put the salt in and frankly I thought it tasted terrible, he told me it was great (even though I thought it wasn' least until he said that) I'll never forget that.

10. When I was 14 and drove the car into the ditch and knocked down 3 fence posts he never got mad but instead taught me to "get up on my feet" and try again. He let me finish driving home that day.

My Papa has always shown me that he loves me. He's always there for me when I need him. Whether it be to fix a car, do some odds and ends for me or watch the kids. He is well known and liked by everyone in Raymond and anyone else who knows him likes him too. I'm so proud to be a Christensen and to be Peter Christensen's daughter. I love you Dad!


Dave, Kristi & Tristan Pfeiffer said...

That's really nice Rachel! It makes me want to see your dad, even though it's only been a few weeks since the reunion! Nice pics:)

Niki Johnson said...

Man he and my dad look alot alike (I guess that's what being brothers is about). My dad can do the same goofy smile. nice post.