Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool

I took Candace to seminary this morning and on the way home heard about this guy at the beach near my house who is eating shark. Well, for a girl from the country in Canada this sounds pretty interesting right? So I put it out of my mind but imagining that I'm gonna blog about this for sure! I come home, talk to Lydia on the phone for a while which was totally fulfilling and then head back to pick up Canny and I hear more about the man eating shark. How theres blood and guts everywhere. Police have cordoned the area off and theres even a news team coming up from the Gold Coast to film. They are saying that they want people to stay away. Well, thats the perfect magnet to get people to come check it out isn't it?! Especially for the simple minded...aka...ME. So I figure I'll take a little detour and check it out so with Canny, Lehi (a friend who I was giving a ride home from seminary) and Savvy we head over and check it out. We saw the most amazing thing. Alot of water and alot alot of sand. Not too many people and definetly no man eating shark. But I'm still reeled in hook line and sinker at this point even though I see a man in a chair with a Hot 91.1 banner stuck in the sand next to him when all of a sudden it dawns on me that its April Fools Day. So I thought I'd be a good sport and go congratulate them on the best April Fools joke I've ever heard and been duped by. I end up on the radio and apparently they're gonna give me some sort of prize for loving it! hehehe

Yup, I'm the biggest April Fool on the Sunshine Coast. And proud of it.


Anonymous said...

i heard it on the radio as well
i thought it was real as well for a bit then found out what day it was

Lydster said...

hey, why isn't my previous comment on here that I made 4 days ago? It said "yup, my sister is the biggest april fool on the sunny coast".

Heinzlmeir Clan said...

Too funny! That's a good one. At least you have the excuse that you're from Canada...if you were from there, that would be embarrassing! LOL