Friday, August 27, 2010

Swimming with the seals

Rick's new job has perks for the whole family. It was so cool cuz while my cool as sissy Lydia and my oh so awesome mates Dennis and Kelly were here we all got to go to Underwater World (for FREEEEEEE!) and see all the cool sea creatures. Which I DON'T have piccies of really. So I will grab some from Kelly to do a post cuz she took all the photos that day. We weren't able to swim with the seals that day but after D&K were gone Lydia, Mesa and I went back and did a seal swim and went behind the scenes to hear all about how they take care of the seals, where they were found/born and so on. Lydia even was given the business card of the director of the seals because he would like her to come and work for him there! I guess that Vet Tech course she took all those years ago may come in handy once again. And then she can teach those seals how to cook and sew in between shows! hehehehe (She's gonna be a certified Home Economics teacher as of December when she graduates from the U of A).
Anyways, the seal swim was fantastic! Once in a lifetime experience really, unless your husband happens to work for UWW and if I ever get the pleasure of doing it again I will consider myself super lucky! I can't wait till Summer comes here actually and is able to partake of all the family member perks! We also got to get seal kisses which I scanned and put on here. The seal giving us these kisses is Bella and they are all really hoping she is pregnant because it will be a first for UWW to have a seal born here to one of UWW's seals! I'll try to keep you posted on that info but can't promise anything as well...I'm not the best at blogging these days as you can tell. It just takes so long! Because I love to talk and well, I frankly have alot to do so...haha excuses excuses. My Kelly manages to do it and she has 11 children so really, whats MY excuse! Well, she does have a nanny so really, she just lounges about all day eating bon bons and watching Oprah right Kel?

Lydia took her pic with her before I could scan it :(

Savannah's trying to appear composed and happy here but really?

This is how she really felt...bummed out and t.o'd that SHE couldn't join in the fun!

Mesa playing with Bella

The people down below could see us through these massive windows so Rick went down and took some cool shots

I guess I was subconsiously pretending to be a seal in this shot

Hehe..I love this shot of Lydie

Underwater group shot!

Savannah was on the other side of the glass and loved seeing me in the water but she wanted to be in there too! Too bad, she'll have to wait about 10 years.

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Heinzlmeir Clan said...

Oooooo! I love these pics! So fun. And thanks my secret is out! LOL