Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Just some news...

Hey, no new pics today guys, but there is some interesting news...Jason and Angela are going to be having a baby! Don't know when though. We've heard that she's a couple months along but that's all the info we have. I'm very excited for them though!

In our neck of the woods not much new is happening. We have been eating at our kitchen table alot which has been so fun! And the kids are off school for easter holidays. I made a ham dinner for easter Sunday and then last night we had some friends over for dinner and had chili and biscuits and salad with the yummiest apple crisp for dessert. Oh man, I had 2 helpings of that apple crisp it was so divine! I better watch it or I'm gonna start looking pregnant! ha ha ha

I took Blaze to the doc today ( pediatrician) to have a check up as he is on meds and needs to have that checkup every so often and found out that he has actually lost weight and also has not grown as tall as the doc would like so Blaze is now on a high calorie diet which as per doctors orders will include a milkshake nightly before he goes to bed. Bummer! I bet this is going to change the way Blaze feels about doctors!!

I've decided that I just can't post a blog without some pics of something or another so I've decided just to post a few that I already have on my computer. These are just a couple of pics from the last time we were in Utah at Pop's place. They are a couple nice ones of him so I thought I'd share since he's on our minds alot lately. We love you and miss you Pop's and Betty Jean!


Action Robyn and Master Dan said...

Apple crisp is my fav!! I will have to come over there just to try some! Congrats to Angie and Jason. I think every kid would love it if their doc said to have a milkshake before bed!!

J B & N Rawlins said...

Thanks for those pics Chel! I love to see Grandad! That pic with everyone in it, I want to see it closer, you should post that one! Happy Easter to you guys!! That really exciting about Angiea nd Jason!! Keep us posted.