Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sick and tired

Well, the kids just went back to school today after being home for 11 days for Easter holidays. The funny thing is is that I wanted them to go back yesterday but it didn't quite work out that way. I was running late getting out of the house yesterday morning and nearly ran out of gas so stopped to put in a few bucks before taking them to school. Then when we got there all the kids were in their classes already...or so I thought. So out they got and I continued on to do some errands and within a few minutes I get a call on my cell..."Hi Chely? This is Carol from the school?...Well, I've got your kids here in the office and this is a pupil free day!" to which I responded, "How come I didn't know about that?!" and she says, "well, it would've been in the Wavelengths newsletter." and I'm like..."Yah right! like I ever read that!!" So I turned right back around and picked them back up laughing all the way at my stupidity! Ha ha ha ha ha.

So today I was almost kid free until Mesa decides she's feeling like she has to throw up and I thought I should leave her here at home with me today. My feeling was right cause she has thrown up 5 times today. Poor little monkey. Makes me think of a time when Candace was a baby and she had the stomach flu one day and just wanted to be held aaallll day long and she was pukin' on me ALL day. No joke. I didn't even bother doing anything but change my shirt several times that day! Yuck!

The weather is be-utiful here...absolutely picture perfect. I did some yardwork yesterday too and the kids helped. It looks pretty. I love it here. Nice and peaceful. And Blaze's milkshakes are goin' real well. He absolutely loves them! No big surprises there! I get to do a little taste test every time too so I kinda like em too! Oh, and Candace ready Harry Potter 6 for the second time and read the whole thing in 24 hours! How did she do that? I don't know. I'm wondering if any of it sank in!


Miller Time said...

that is so funny about the school thing, sounds like something i would do.

Action Robyn and Master Dan said...

Post some pics of your yard cazy woman! Do your kids have to wear uniforms?

Lydster said...

yeah, I want to see pictures of the kids in their uniforms.