Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bula Friends!

I love our fijian friends and neighbours. Well, not ALL of our fijian neighbours...ahem. Me thinks Dan and Robyn will for sure know who I am talking about! Lets just say I had some very stressful moments this time b/c Rick wasn't there and I had to deal with some stuff that normally would have never fallen on my shoulders and a certain neighbour caused some of that grief. But here are some pics of some of our favorite people whom I love dearly. Its amazing. Every time I go there I just love them more and more. They are truly happy people and are so dear to my heart.

Our first day. They had just pulled the guts out of this cow as we were walking by. Bulama cow anyone? This cows fate ended up on some fijians dirty dinner plate no doubt. In honour of a death. Party on!

Beautiful Julia. Need I say more? Dicky's wife...well not really but close enough for me...

Gentle sweet Dicky. Could he BE any nicer?

Sweet Ethel. Sweet screaming Ethel. Loves to scream. Hates white girls. Cute crocs! Thank you Aunty Chel!

Foodwise, my diet consisted mainly of alot of seafood this week. Lobster, barracuda, some other kind of fried fish, some pork...Dang! Gotta go to work. Will add more pics and text lata!


Brian, Jeni, Nat, and Stephen said...

Fun trip!! I want to go there so bad!

Heinzlmeir Clan said...

Oh ya! You nailed it on the head with Ethel...sweet, screamer she is! But only for Julia. When daddy (Dickie) was in charge, she didn't make a peep! Go figure...their always their worst for us moms!

Dan Robyn and Melia said...

I think Dicky is the nicest person in the world. I know who you speak of and I remember Angie always having probs with him but we never did. I always thought he was nice...a little odd but nice.