Monday, November 24, 2008

More fiji

Margaret aka Keta. Working as usual. She really gave me a shock by losing probably 20 or 30 lbs since the last time I saw her. Also has grown her hair out quite long. I think she looks beautiful in this pic. She is a very beautiful loving soul.
Us with Keta and in the background...Prince Charles. George's long lost brother. Literally.

Us with our sea dogs. They are so gorgous. They are so trim and fit, have beautiful coats and welcomed us back like old friends. I'm wearing Angela's shirt in this pic. It was just there and I needed something to cover up the pathetic tank I wore that day. As you can see my tummy is getting slightly bigger! We didn't get really any good pics of the dogs this time. Bummer!

Us with Aunty Ella.

Beautiful Mela.

The other day I was posting the bula friends post and I ended up being disconnected from the internet without knowing it so half my post was lost and didn't have time to redo the whole thing at the time so here are some more pics that were going to be added. I met several people i had never met before who are really beautiful people. Aunty Ella was one of them. D&R you met Aunty Ella right? She has by far the nicest and cleanest house I have ever set foot in in Fiji. She was apologizing for not having it clean for us as we surprised her by stopping by. But in reality, you could eat off the floor it was so clean! She is a sweet lady and we were all really impressed by her. We met a beautiful girl named Nuimai whose father was killed by a shark off Taveuni many years ago and shortly thereafter her mother poured Kerosene all over herself and lit herself on fire. So now she is being taken care of by a member of the family. One of my favorite people this time was a young 11 year old girl named Mela. She was so beautiful. Had the most beautiful teeth and smile. Was extremely capable of doing whatever a mother would do. And only 11! She had a beautiful voice and spoke very well. I would have no problems hiring her as a nanny she was that responsible! Although I wouldn't because she's only 11 and so that would not be cool. She will grow up to be a wonderful mother.

Shannon fell in love with George. This is not a great pic but in real life George is handsome and has a great strong body. (sorry rick, hope you'll forgive me) but I'm only saying what my friend Shannon thinks!

Kelly brought Evan a colouring book and crayons. They loved them. He is a great colourer!

David. Cool sweet and hilarious. Everyone loves david. He was holding up what was going to be D&J's supper that night. Ours was already cooked by this point. The beef was very gamey. Lets just say the dogs got a lot of protein that night!

Cute little Boys. From left to Right, Larry Evan and Ernie. I think fijian kids are bee-utiful! Ernie was the funniest. He could NOT smile properly! We took about 20 pics and he just kept this forced smile on the WHOLE time. He was probly thinkin, "what is their problem? I'm smilin already would you stop takin the pictures already???"

Angie. One word. Cheeky. She is cute as but a real cheeky monkey. Doesn't do ANYTHING you want her to. Maybe it's cuz we're white folk?? I love her anyway.


Heinzlmeir Clan said...

I second that comment about Angie! What a pill! But yes, cute as a button.

Dan Robyn and Melia said...

Angie looks just like her daddy! I almost cried looking at these pics. IS that my Keta?? She looks amazing!! I miss her so much and David, too!! I am glad the dogs are still doing well. I seriously would love to meet you over there sometime.

The RC Miller Clan said...

Yea, that's your Keta! I agree completely. When you wanna go over? They would love to see you. Keta just barely stopped wearing your crocs. They were so worn out and I gave her my old ones this time! She loves crocs.