Friday, November 21, 2008

My gorgeous friends and I in fiji

Coconut milk ala shell. Mother natures juice. Cheers!

We totally faced a fear this day. Jumping in the deep blue waaaaay out to sea. Shark bait!

My favorite spot to hang out while waiting for a connecting flight. Bula Raffles!

Funky seafood at the market in Nadi. Puffer fish anyoe?

A couple weeks ago Shannon & Kelly met me in Fiji and together we made our way to the farm for a week of r n'r. We had a blast and between both K & S there were over 600 pictures taken that week alone! Here are just a few of the ones of just us. We did plenty of resting, lots of walking in coconut plantations and along the beach to our neighbours homes and hardly any eating. Actually Shannon ate more than Kelly and I combined the whole week. We also drank way too much grog. As in 1 cup is 1 cup too much! Dirty sock water. Not yummy. But the fijians assured me it would make my baby's skin very soft. hah! We all came back with a parasite but Kelly was lucky enough to get rid of hers somehow and Shannon and I have been on natural meds to get rid of ours. Yummm...
We ate some weird stuff this time. Oh, theres so much to tell but I need to go out with my Ricky as I have been neglecting him for a couple weeks now so I will check in tomorrow!


Proud Momma said...

a parasite? Yikes...that sounds creepy!
you went to the farm as in pearl farm? What kind of food did you eat?

Dan Robyn and Melia said...

Ah yes the good ol parasite. I remember when I got mine out there. Raffles rocks! I love thier pool! I am jealous! I want to meet you out there next time ok?? Did you see Dicky and Keta?

Lydster said...

Is your parasite gone yet?