Monday, March 2, 2009

Dost mine eyes decieve me?

So I'm walking in the store the other day and something stops me dead in my tracks.
What does that look like to YOU? Ketchup chips perhaps? Oh MY GOSH! My heart starts beating faster with the thought that this new discovery just may make my day...or my week...or my year! Well, not really putting THAT much hope into some crispy things surrounded by a plastic foil bag. I mean after all, they ARE ripple chips. That's a negative first off. I mean have you EVER had a rippled ketchup chip? I don't think so. But nevertheless I buy and of course buy the pop to go along with it...7-up so it doesn't interfere with the flavour too too much. Mesa was with me and so she cracked em open before we even left the parking spot we were in and after a min or two I say "Well, they're not bad?" hmmm, still analyzing the flavour. They taste alot more like ketchup than their Canadian counterpart (is that the right word btw? counterpart? whatever) My end decision is to give them a 5 or 6 out of 10 based soley on the comparison between my absolute all time classic fave Old Dutch. If I had never had ketchup chips in my life and had nothing to compare them to I would have to say they are pretty tasty. It takes a really bad tasting chip for my tastebuds to reject. After I said they weren't bad Mesa pipes up "Not bad?! Are you kidding me? They're terrible!" I laughed. She's so dramatic at times. Kind of like her mother. ahem!
BTW, this is what it says on the back of the bag "A classic Australian Taste!" Yah right... also, "Two Aussie favourites unite to bring you the Smith's Heinz Big Red flavoured chip. The freshest Australian potato is peeled and sliced...then cooked and seasoned...with the rich and tangy flavour of Heinz Big Red tomato sauce" Hahahaha Tomato Sauce!! That's hilarous. Well, we know one thing Canadian chip companies are better at don't we...I...?


Dan Robyn and Melia said...

SICK!!! Ketchup chips are nasty! As a Canadian I can say that they are gross in Canada too...!!! Salt and Vinegar all the way... I remember the S and V's in Australia were pretty yummy too.

The RC Miller Clan said...

haha Dan, yeah ketchup chips aren't right for everyone are they? My fave right now is actually the S&V. I'm on a vinegar kick for the past few mos now.

Lydster said...

salt and vinegar!!!????? ewwwww!!! I'd take a ketchup chip any day over s & v.