Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Years Eve

I had this great idea to have a big New Years Party at our house complete with swimming but NY just sort of snuck up on me and then before it was too late I realized I had neglected to invite anyone to our "party" hahah. Maybe next year. During the day on NYE I took Candace and her friend Adriana to the mall to buy some pretty dresses to wear to the Stake family NYE Dance. I had the best time taking them shopping! Originally I was just going to take them to this one store and if they didn't find anything there then take them and drop them at the mall where they could shop on their own but with the strange choices they were making in the first store I realized they were going to need help from a more experienced shopper such as myself. Also, there's not too much out there in the way of modest clothing so that makes it extra challenging. So I helped them and my ultra picky daughter whom shoots down my every suggestion chose the dress that I picked out! She was so beautiful in it that the pictures seriously don't do her justice.

She wanted to wear bright red lipstick. I guess one night isn't going to kill anyone is it?

This is what Mesa and her friend Jesse did. Night swim anyone? We managed to convince Sea World to bring Shamu out for NYE.

As for Rick and I? Well, it took me till 9 to get the girls ready for the dance and then I took them to the church only to find out that most people weren't that dressed up. But I told them that if anyone was staring at them its because they look so beautiful. Then I came back home and we watched House MD on tv and I ended up falling asleep which seems to happen every year. I had every intention of going for that night swim as well but didn't make it. All in all, I'm so glad Christmas and NY is over for another year. Phew!
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Heinzlmeir Clan said...

Holy smokes Canny! Beauty! Ahhh, the idea of an outdoor night swim, mmmmm, dream on!

Lydster said...

I like Candace's retro look. She's got the perfect hair for it.