Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy 7th Birthday to Mesa

Mesa celebrated her 7th birthday on Friday the 11th of May. I always like to take the birthday kid shopping and make them feel special so I picked Mesa up from school at noon that day and took her to the plaza. She got a watch, a pair of shoes, some new togs (swimsuit in Ozzie) and some new undies and something else I can't remember right now. But most of all she got her mother to make her feel special. Candace also made Mesa some heart shaped sammy's for her lunch which she loved. Then on Saturday we had a small family party for her and she got a soccer ball from Blaze and some games from Candace. Also, a can of pringles and a craft from Pops and Mama. I made Mesa make me a promise when she was 2 that she was gonna stay 2 forever and every year she keeps getting older even though at the beginning of that year she promises all over again to stay that old again! Crazy ol' me.

This is her birthday cake. Brownies with ice cream and chocolate sauce. Yah, what's up with that anyways? Well, I ended up making them for a YW activity that never happened. Two huge pans full of them! So we had to get rid of them somehow! Oh well, I'm not complaining.


Lydster said...

Wow, Mesa's bday sounds like it was more fun than all my bdays put together!

Action Robyn and Master Dan said...

I think Mesa shouls hold up to her promise and stop getting older!