Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Our trip to Utah

So we went over to Utah for Pop's (Grandad) funeral which was very nice. We had a beautiful time visiting with all the Miller relly's for a couple days. It was nice to catch up with some of the old faves and meet heaps of new ones I had never seen before. It was great to see Nick, Jes, Summer and Jillian too. Here are some of my favorite pics taken those 2 days. It was also great to meet Betty Jeans sons. They are some nice nice people and I feel lucky to know them.

What a cute pic. I just love Marilyn!

Me and my sissy

Brandon and Wyatt sure are cute little boys.

It was really great to see Jeni and Libby's cute little babies. I even got to feed Tay a bottle. Little Melia would have been the cherry on top!


Heinzlmeir Clan said...

Okay...it was so cool to see the Miller clan. I love the one of you and Lynne! And by the way...nice sunnies! lol

Action Robyn and Master Dan said...

Nice pics! Sorry about the no comments. We have been island hopping...just too bad we didn't hop over to you guys! I wish Melia and I could have been there to see you and the family!