Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Day at the Beach

Well, one of the days the Granny's and Lyd were here we went to the swim...and sun bathe. My grandma had never ever been swimming in the ocean and we actually only made it to about knee high water but the waves were pretty strong that day and it proved almost too much for the grannies to handle! Grandma actually lost her footing and was down on her knees and all four of us were standing there laughing and battling the ferocity of the water. It was a really great experience.
Well, If that wasn't enough drama, my granny decides that she doesn't want to walk all the way back to our towels in the soft sand and opts to stay closer to the water so after setting herself up there, laid down for a nice little snoozer and wouldn't you know it, after about 15 min a big wave comes in and absolutely smothers her! She sure got up in a hurry and my Aunt Sylvia sitting next to me starts laughing hysterically and kept on laughing for a good 5 min or more! It was sooo funny just to hear her laughing at her sister's demise! Funny lady!

I had a feet fetish that day and wanted to take some cool pics of our feet in the sand but this is about as cool as it got. I really would like to be good enough to be a professional photographer but I guess I'll have to settle for just being a good cook. Auntie silly, granny and Lyds were thinking I was pretty strange to be infatuated with the feet.
My toes look pretty cute though don't ya think? You can see the scar where I got an ingrown toenail cut out when I was a teenager!


Heinzlmeir Clan said...

I'm just glad that Grandma Donna didn't get swept away and meet her watery death on the Sunshine Coast! Shwoo, good thing you all were there to save her!

Nana said...

One word . .pedi!!! Just kidding, although you are chipped girl!!

Heinzlmeir Clan said...

Okay, and might I add that your butt looks very, very good in this one shot!

Lydster said...

Yes, your butt does look nice. Grandma looks good too, and I like your toes. In this pic they look like my webbed toes...haha!