Monday, September 8, 2008

Me n My Sis

Well, I really do have things lately that I should be blogging about and I take pics that I think, "Yeah! I'll put this on my blog and tell a nice little story and people will like it!" And then the inevitable procrastination sets in. So I was just looking at my pics thinking of what this post should be about and I of course went to the latest which were pics of when my world travelling rellies came for a visit. I will tell more about that later but I wanted to dedicate this post especially to my sissy Lydia. She is so cool to come over and visit me wherever I happen to live. I think I could live in Saudi Arabia and she would come to see me! So I wanted her to know how cool I think she is for making me a priority in her life. I sometimes feel like we have grown apart because we are so far away from each other distance wise as well as where we are at in our lives. But her being here with me was really cool and by the time she left I felt closer to her than I have in a long time. And I also thought that maybe just maybe, that hanging out with me she might just learn to be a little bit more bad like me! ahahaha (I'm soooo bad!)

So here are some of my favorite pics of her and I when she was here. Enjoy!

We went to the Temple one day and these 2 pics were taken in a little building across the street. A gazebo type building.

Of course, with me as your sister, you always get plenty of goofy photo opps!

Self portrait. At a beach up in Peregian where we had some time to kill because my car broke down that day and we had to wait for Rick to come rescue us. I was actually pretty stressed at the time!

At "The Skin Thing" a store where you can buy all kinds of lambs wool, sheepskin, slippers, rugs, hides and the like. They actually had a couple of real zebra hyde's! It was so weird. A skunk one too! Why anyone would want that I have no idea...hmmmm

Pretty Lyddie. I took this pic. For some reason Lyd just LOVES getting her picture taken! hmmmm...

Lyd took this picture of me at the beach right behind our friends house at Marcus Beach. It was a beautiful little walk from the back door along a little trail that went up and down and winded through and at the end was a beautiful sight waiting for us.

Another goofy photo opp! We are such nerds!

Lyddie made this dress for me. And she found her plum one at a shop here in the "Plaza"

Anyways Lyd, I sure do think you are absolutely the sweetest most thoughtful sister, auntie, and sister in law me and my family could ask for! You always were the sweeter out of the two of us and I used to be jealous cuz "everybody loved Lydia!" But now I'm just happy that you're that way and I'm the way I am. I luv you sis!


Lydster said...

good thing I read this before I put on my makeup for the day. I love you too!

Lydster said...

Do you think I got the "bad" part down? I think I definitely deserve something for trying...Sunday icecream at Noosa...dying my hair...aussie boy flavor...;)

Heinzlmeir Clan said...

Aussie boy flavour hey Lyd???? Hmmm, sounds interesting...and kinda baddddd!!!! Hahahaha...this post is so awesome...I love the pics...I even saw Lyd's pics she posted on Facebook and it brought back memories!

The RC Miller Clan said...

Yeah lyd...I WAS pretty proud of you cuz your darker side started to show through more at the go girl!

Dan Robyn and Melia said...

I would try that flavor..ha ha. Great pics of you and your sis!