Saturday, September 20, 2008

Temples and troubles

We got back from the temple about 3 hours later than expected. Rick and I also got into a fight cuz I was so stinkin cranky. You know, Rick and I RARELY ever get into a spat and practically the only times we do is when I am hungry and cranky. We left the temple and were all hungry so stopped at my least fave resto know...the golden arches? Well, I DO NOT eat at maccas so canny got a cheesburger combo and rick ordered a wrap of some sort and I was all phissed cuz I couldn't believe my hubby was going against everything I believe in! Well, yes, I am exaggerating slightly. So not only am I annoyed about that but I am getting pretty darn hungry by about 5 min into their eating of the food. So I said, ok, lets stop at the grocery store on the way out of town. Well, little did I know that it was actually going to take us another 15 min or MORE to get there. By the time we drove into the parking lot I had called Rick a jerk and a moron and those are the two most dreadful words in the world for him to be called and he says "Well, I can't even say what you are cuz that would be too mean!" So yeah...NOT a good thing to be saying to me at this point. What I actually need to be hearing is..."Oh honey, I sure love you want some chocolate?" So I'm like, "Don't even stop. Lets just go home." But noooo....he gets out of the car and goes in and I sit there for about 30 seconds or LESS and I hightail it into the store. I find him. We start arguing in the middle of Wooly's and although we are trying to be discreet, a few people are looking at us and Ricks giving them looks like "What the heck are YOU looking at??" And the whole time we're arguing I kept thinking..."hmmm, what can I eat that's fairly low in fat but more importantly, sugar free high in protein and no carbs??" Yeah and I wasn't even thinking "cheap"! hehehe

Well, we actually ended up being ok by the time we left the store. I apologized for being such a crappy wife. He disagreed. I insisted I was one. Then I ate my food I had been thinking about the whole time we were arguing in the store. After that we had a super enjoyable time! I actually don't mind it on the rare occasion that we DO argue because we ALWAYS end up the best of friends afterwards and it makes the good times just that much sweeter. Now THAT'S a marriage!

Ok, then comes the good part. We are on our way home and I ended up phoning 911 but ozzy style which is 000 and tattling on some hooligans who were going highway speed and one of the idiots was sitting with his whole upper body out the window and drinking and smokin and then feet out the window and the car in front obviously knew them and they were throwing food at each other and and swerving in and out of lanes. Ridiculous. I don't usually not mind my own business. But I figured it was a safety issue and so... Ok, then we get about 3 k from home and notice that the check engine light is on. So the engine conks out and we end up stranded on the side of the road. Call a tow truck. This nice lady stops and offers help so I get a ride to the house with her while Rick and Candy wait for the tow truck. And turns out this lady happens to be my neighbour's sister! Too weird eh?

So this was quite an exciting day for us. Especially candy. She said "Wow, it was my first time to go to the temple AND my first time in a tow truck!" hahaha Oh, and I forgot to tell you that Rick lost his temple rec b4 we left and even after 2 prayers, it still took us 15 min or so to find it. Is that an indication of our level of righteousness? hmmm....We did have an excellent time at the temple though. Rick got to confirm me for 10 people and I got to sit there while all of our beautiful YW were confirmed for people and I saw Candy get dunked 5 times. It was nice.


Lydster said...

Carli and Shelagh got a kick out of this blog. I'm so glad Candace got to go to the temple!

Maughan Crew said...

Oh The Opposition in all things - when were trying to be most righteous - we are given the greatest challenges! Thats why we have to endure...push through...and get to the best stuff! Just like you all did that day. Good on ya!

Dan Robyn and Melia said...

You and I are so alike! Dan and I had a time like that up at North Shore a few weeks ago where I was starving but wouldnt eat at the gross place he was eating at so I had to wait until we found a grocery store and we were fighting in the store and I am pretty sure I called him a jerk and moron. Just dont mess with me when I am hungry b/c I really do get mean!