Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thank you Aunt Lynne!

Yesterday was a fun and exciting day as we got a package in the mail from Aunt Lynne filled with goodies for Savannah. Several cute as blankets, and lots of cute cowgirl baby clothes. You should have heard me as I looked through everything! It was, "ooohhhhhh! look at this! Ohhhhhh!, how adorable! ohhhhhh! this is so sweet!" for a good 10 min. Among the blankets was this fuzzy little number which Savannah clearly likes. I have just taken these pictures less than 10 min ago and by the time the pictures finished uploading onto the computer I turned around and this is what she looked like so I had to take just one more. Here is a video of her saying a big baby thank you!
More pics to follow I promise!


Jeni said...

Oh that stuff was soooo cute! Cute little GIRL!!

Proud Momma said...

Cute! Good to see you're back!