Saturday, September 12, 2009

THE Birthday Gift

Well, you know you're a bad blogger takes you a month to put up a post about your son's birthday! This was probably my favorite bday of the year though despite the delay in posting about it. Why you ask? Well, for pret near a year Blaze has been talking about this Republic Attack Gunship and saying how much he wanted it and saying that if he got it then he didn't want anything else. Just the repulic attack gunship. Nothing else. Well, when its a $170 toy we're talking about then its not gonna come easily. But when all the kid talks about day after day after day for a year, then you start to realize that you MUST get him what he wants! You have to watch the video's in order because the camera ran out of memory.Notice how in the first one he goes for the big box first knowing however that its not the gunship but thinking that it's got to be lego of some sort because of the size and also due to the fact that I put some pasta in the box and it really did sound like lego! His expression after every gift of nothing is unwrapped. Then in the second video right near the end keep your ears peeled for a strange noise that came from Savannah. We all start laughing our heads off cuz it was such perfect timing on her innocent part. Right in the middle of a silent period. Beware cuz I end up acting like quite the freak too. And then to top it all off you can see the result of my eating waayyy too much of pretty much everything since I had Savannah. I'm fully aware though and just want to let you know I'm working on it!

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