Friday, September 18, 2009

I miss my sis!

Well its been 3 weeks since Lydia left :( I am SO sad she's not still here. I miss her so much! I am in tears just writing this. So I had come across a few pics this morning that I wanted to post.

We took this pic just before we left to go to the airport. We had both been crying a little right before this pic was taken but our natural beauty has shone right through eh lyd!? hehehe

Lydia always loves to take pics of the funny things around here. Duck crossing. Beware!

Oh! Here are some of the ducks you may see crossing the street where we live. Funny things she gets the kids to do for piccies.

Posted by PicasaOk, she wanted a picture of her Blaze and Savvy watching Star Wars. She is such a good Auntie b/c Blaze LOVES Star Wars and she was kind enough to sit through the entire series with him while she was here. (and to be honest, she actually enjoyed it I think!) I think he still owes her a viewing of My Fair Lady isn't that right Lydia?


Nana said...

cute pictures!! It was nice talking to you tonight!

Jeni said...

i wish those little ducks crossed my road!! I would take them all home!!

Heinzlmeir Clan said...

Love the ducks! And the Star Wars shot...looks like Savannah's going to be a movie buff...she looks just as 'into it' as the others! LOL Also, the 2 of you are so beautiful...did Lyd find an ozzie boy for keeps????

Heinzlmeir Clan said...

Okay...does Rick look excited or what!? His little surfing prodigy! Hahahaha...she however, looks a little worried about the sharks maybe...but so cute!