Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This is the little Cabin we stayed in overnight. It was so cute and perfectly cozy and just my country style. I just hate hotel rooms unless they look like the ones in the movies like the really lush house looking kind. But well, when you can't afford the best then I'd rather have this.

If it was mine though you can bet it would have some heaps cute curtains and bedding. Not this crappy motel style fashion! Yucko!

Home at last and here we are in front of our cute lil Burnt Orange Swift. Who'd a thought I could have the cute kids AND the cute car!?

Posted by PicasaMesa thinks she is going to take it for a drive and Savannah "bags" the front! In other words, she called "shotgun"

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Lydster said...

Mesa aint gonna get very far without her seatbelt on!