Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We're goin' to Airlie!

Well, last week Rick, Savannah and I made a trip up north to the Whitsundays or for those who have never heard of that, the Great Barrier Reef region of Australia to pick up a car from a little resort town there called Airlie Beach. It is about 1000km away from where we live so we flew up and drove the car back. I had been searching for a car for 47 long days and had several different cars that I had researched. Checked out the auction websites and seen what was out there on offer and after about 4 weeks of looking to buy a 7+ seater had a change of tune after seeing a cute as little car called the Suzuki Swift. Now, I am NOT a car girl by any means. I'd far rather be driving a big 3/4 tonne diesel around and even go so far as to have a 4 horse trailer hooked on to the back of it driving down dusty gravel roads. BUT...since I can't do that here, I saw this car and thought, "Man! That is like the CUTEST car I've seen!" and wished that I could just drive a cute little car around like that. Well, having 4 kids makes that seem like a bit of a bad choice so I put it out of my mind. But then when I went back to the dealership to show rick what they had in the way of SUV's I told him what I thought of this little car. So he says, "Why not? Why don't we fix up the surf, put an extra bench seat in the back for when we all go somewhere together as a family and then you can have your little car to boot around in and not have to worry about the price of gas because its SO fuel efficient. Then I can drive the surf to work and we'll save money there too on my fuel costs as well." Well, I sure thought that sounded swell so that started my search for the perfect little Swift for me. To make a long story short, I ended up buying a cute little "Burnt Orange" one with 36,000k's on it 2007 model. Excellent condition. Its so fun to drive and it is so cheap on gas! We only spent about $60 coming back from Airlie with this car. Wow! I think I'm in love. Here are a few pics of our trip up there. We had a good time just being together and enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery.
We also passed a few funny towns on the way back. Little Pig Creek and Gin Gin being two of them. Australian towns have the funniest names!

Rick is holding Sav under her head only. She has plenty of chub on her to act as a floatation device! Yummy yummy chub!

Yay! Swimming with the Papa!

On the ferry from Hamilton Island to Airlie Beach.

Posted by PicasaJust one of the many islands in the Whitsundays. Famous for its beauty. It was looking a bit brown to me though. I think they were starved for rain.


Proud Momma said...

well she definitely does not have her daddy's skin! Is that your pool?

The RC Miller Clan said...

Hey, check it out again now. I just hadn't put all the words in before you looked at the blog! It's much more interesting now. Yeah, ricks skin would make anyone else look like a snowman but she actually does have more of an olive tone to her skin!

Lydster said...

wow she totally looks like Nick in that pic of him and Angela.