Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween critters

I can't believe it. I finally broke down after 3 years of being in Australia and let my kids celebrate halloween. I even went "all out" by making their costumes. Wow. Do I get the mother of the year award or what? And get this, I even let Candace have a Halloween party in which she invited 9 friends to. Well, maybe I don't get the mother of the year award but just the crazy mom award. 10 13y old girls for 4 hours? Yeah, you guessed it. LOTS of noise. I fared well though. They bobbed for apples, made caramel apples, had a bbq for supper, had a treasure hunt and watched Psycho. Oh and did I mention made alot of noise? I can't believe I lived to tell the tale. I decorated the house even! Yikes! I'm surprising myself just by talking about it. But Canny had fun and I had fun too actually. I can't wait till the pool's done in a few weeks and then she can have a pool party with all her little matey's.

I made the witches cape too. It was too easy. I forgot how much fun making halloween costumes can be! I used to make cute costumes for my kids every year. I miss that actually. Maybe there's hope for this halloween hating mother after all eh?
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Jeni said...

cute girlies!

Lydster said...

Rachel you're awesome!! You definitely get Mom of the Year!

Heinzlmeir Clan said...

I second that, being another mom who hates Halloween! I can't believe how awesome the costumes are...and can I say...Candace...holy cow she is gorgeous...look out!!!!!!