Saturday, November 21, 2009

The girls in white

I got this cute as dress for Savannah at Target of all places and it was only $20! I love good deals! So Mesa went and took all these photos except for the one of her and Savvy together. She got some good shots! I think they're gorgeous (the girls I mean) I mean to get a good shot of all 3 of them together tomorrow maybe and some of all 4 kids together as well. I'm also going to be posting about Mesa's gymnastics presentation I went to today. That'll be later though as I have the unfortunate task now of putting my kids to work in the backyard. Yippee. Not.

The little shoes were included. They even stay on her feet!

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Heinzlmeir Clan said...

Oh my! What a little princess! She's so darling...and her and Mesa together is so precious! Love the shoes...a girls gotta have shoes!

Anonymous said...

Chel- I found the link to your blog when going through our old thread while we were pregnant. Such beautiful girls. Savannah looks like she is doing great! So cute. Glad to see you are all so happy. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season. Banyan.