Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We drove past this "thing" on the road and I made Rick turn around cuz I wanted to see what it was. Yucko! But I just had to take a picture to put on the blog. The sicko that I am! Its a blue tongue lizard who's tail has been decapitated. Ewwwww
We took Savvy for a swim at the hotel that morning and she was so tuckered out from it she fell asleep in the hot shower afterwards. Awwwwe!
We bought these strawberries from a stand. They had to be the most perfect looking strawberries I have ever seen. And delish too!
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Lynne said...

Nice pictures! You certainly live in a beautiful place!

Lydster said...

I'm trying to figure the lizard out. The end that looks like the head end isn't the end with bloody guts oozing out. Maybe it's "detailitated" instead?