Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Us eating our strawberries. What a geek I am. Btw, I need these glasses for driving bc of my double vision. Its terrible!
Always the funny man
Not really sure if she like this or not. I think it was too sour for her.
Yup. Too sour. Pucker up girl!
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Heinzlmeir Clan said...

Her eyes are HUGE!!! Looks like a fun little trip.

Heinzlmeir Clan said...

Kaitlin thinks shes adorable and that her eyes are "BASS and blue" and she looks just like her mummy!

Heinzlmeir Clan said... you really have double vision when you drive only? Or are you just pullin' a fast one...I bet those are your 'smart' glasses!!!

The RC Miller Clan said...

No, seriously I do have double vision! The optometrist measured my eyes at needing 8 diopters of prism but has only prescribed me 2. Thats ALOT of prism. I've just been living with it for so long I didn't even realize it wasn't normal. Its really distance vision thats affected and so I wear my glasses when I'm watching tv or when my eyes get tired and especially when I drive. Its getting worse too! I have to go see a specialist about it. btw, my smart glasses just went to the op shop. These are my new smarter glasses. And they were FREE! from work

Lydster said...

make this yer profile pic (the 'smart glasses' one)