Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Culinary Dusasters...I mean Disasters

Ok. NOT a good day for me in the kitchen. First I make a batch of Bacon Cheese Muffins. They turned out awesome. That's where the awesomeness ended. I continued on to make some hashbrowns and bacon. Parboiled the potatoes to speed up cooking process. I do it all the time so nothin to it right? Well, I ended up frying mashed potatoes. Not happy about that. Ok, so I am a screw up at this point. I'm not used to messing up like this so I'm bummed out and decide to skip the bacon all together. Then I need to bake the rest of the sugar cookie dough. Nearly burnt those and they were saved in the nick of time thanks to Mesa saying "Mom I think the cookies are done!" SHOOT!!!! Screw up #2. This is all getting too much for me to handle. No more cooking till supper time. I have this yummy lasagna supper planned and have just returned home from the store with the necessary ingredients. Purposely not getting lasagna noodles cuz I know I have some at home. Turns out I only have half of what I need. Ok well, time to improvise and use some other pasta as well. Harmless right? Yeah but that means my lasagna won't be perfect like usual but I just have to suck it up. If I had any inclination of what was going to happen next I would have been happy enough. So an hour later I go and take my labour filled lasagna out of the oven and what happens? I am doing it one handed because I have cut my finger and my hand decides to give out and SLAM! The lasagna is all over the floor! Oh my GOSH!!! What an end to a perfectly disasterous day in the kitchen. I can't believe it but I was able to control myself. Didn't say anything I shouldn't have. Didn't even cry. So what did we have for dinner you ask? Well, lasagna of course! My dear sweet husband came to the rescue and picked it all up off the floor and back into the pan it went and well, I only got 1 cockroach leg in my serve! hahahaha jokes about the leg! Ready for your comment about that Lib! Looking at these photos disgusts me and I can't believe we actually ate it! Well, at least I can laugh about it right? A little extra germs never hurt anybody anyways!
Oh, and I forgot to mention that yesterday I made a Lazy Daisy Cake which I have done so many times before and only one other time have I burnt the icing. Yesterday made 2. DOH!

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