Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's...a GIRL?!

Rick trying to be like his big brother Steve.

Us on the way to the hospital

Savannah Ivory Miller was born May 13 at 11:33 am and was shown to me for about 15 sec and I was able to give her a small kiss before they whisked her away to intensive care. She had trouble breathing and had to be intubated straight away and hooked up to all sorts of monitors and such. Had 2 arterial lines put in through her belly button so they didn't have to keep prickiing her heel every 4 hours for bloods. She was on the o2 for a couple days and then graduated to a CPAP just to help her along a bit. a couple days after that they took her off CPAP (thank goodness as it was terrible to see her with that on) and is now breathing solely on her own. In the meantime she wasn't tolerating her feeds and lost over a pound of her 6lb5oz birthweight so they put her on a TPN(total parental nutrition)to help her gain back some weight which has worked and then after a 24 hour break from breast milk, they put her back on the bm and shes tolerating feeds much better now. I won't beable to see her till tomorrow and its pouring rain right now so I am not a happy girl. The baby blues have definetly kicked in.
My first ever sighting of bubby.

In some ways she is getting better and then others still struggling. But I have hope that she will be well enough to be transferred soon to Nambour hospital which is only 20 min away as opposed to 90 to the Brisbane hospital she's in. Basically we're waiting for the bili levels to get down and stay down and get rid of the arterial lines. Nambour won't take a baby who has arterial lines, who isn't tolerating feeds and who requires more than one set of lights. Anyways, here's a few pics. Not too many cuz how many pics can you have of a bub who doesn't really change her scenery and looks the same everyday. I rarely have even got to see her with her eyes open! And have not been able to hold her yet either. Boohoo! That is very difficult.
Savannah with her CPAP machine on. I hated to see her with tubes shoved up her nose and she didn't like them either. She's been much happier since the CPAP came off. And, boy oh boy, she loves her soother big time!
Ohhhhhh! How cute is she?
I loved this pic of her cute little mouth open and the nurse said if she's gonna wear sunnies they might as well be stylish. Nothin but the best. So she made her a pair of Prada's

Intubated and all geared up.

This is the best picture I have of her without her sunnies on. This was the first time I really saw her.

Her blood transfusion happening. Poor lil thing. I hope it didn't hurt too bad to have that nasty needle stuck in her foot!

Mesa was the first lucky one to get to see her lil sis. She was ever so lucky to beable to touch her foot with one finger too. They don't allow children under 18 to touch the babies in NICU. They are too germy. Understandable.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you guys and glad Savannah is doing so well!!! Congratulations on a beautiful addition!
-Allison (mom2prielle)

Nana said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I have tried to reach you on several occasions, but have been unable to , so I'm so glad you posted. She looks beautiful, and what a pretty name too. Can't wait to see her without the tubes!! There's package I want to send. Please send me the mailing address there. Thanks !

Miller Time said...

congratulations, I hope all con'ts to go well for little savannah and she can be transfered closer to home and then go home soon. She is very cute cords and all.

Proud Momma said...

WOw what an ordeal! Congratulations though and hopefully she'll continue to get better. I remember those sunglasses with Taylor, she spent a week under the hot lights and just that was hard on me. Cute name...I thought you were having a boy? DIdn't you buy a bunch of boy clothes? oops!

Robyn Melia and Troy said...

Congratulations! She is just precious! I wish we could come see you. I'm sorry it has been tough on you...I would give you a big hug if I was there. We love her! Love her name too!

Jeni said...

ahhhhh how exciting for you guys! Hope she gets to go home with you soon! She looks beautiful!

Your Cuz, Pattie said...

The story is wonderful of your new addition to the Miller clan! Reminds me of my days in NICU. Although wonderful I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed and brought a tear to my eye how you spoke about your own mother. Love you!